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Veteran solar company marks 40 years amidst Africa's energy shift

As Africa's solar market continues its rapid expansion, Solarworld is celebrating its 40th anniversary. The company, with roots dating back to 1984, has become a major player in the region's shift towards renewable energy sources.
Veteran solar company marks 40 years amidst Africa's energy shift

While the company prefers to maintain its focus on the industry, its longevity speaks volumes in a market increasingly filled with new entrants.

"Reliable, long-term solutions have been the key to our success," commented Gregor Kuepper, managing director. "We've witnessed the dramatic progress of solar technology, offering solutions tailored to Africa's unique needs."

The company has played a significant role in introducing innovative innovations, such as containerised battery energy storage systems (BESS). These modular systems provide flexible, rapid-deployment energy solutions, particularly beneficial in the face of ongoing loadshedding challenges.

Valued partnerships

Industry partners value the company's commitment to exceptional products and support. "Their dedication to reliable, high-performing technology has been crucial to our ability to adapt to evolving client needs," says Jandre Engelbrecht, managing director of a partner company ASI.

"Four decades in this dynamic space is a testament to both resilience and a commitment to sustainability," Kuepper. "We see enormous potential as Africa continues to embrace the power of the sun."

The company's long-standing presence gives it a unique perspective on the African solar landscape. This accumulated knowledge and experience make it a sought-after partner for navigating the region's evolving energy sector.

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