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"We regret to inform you"
"We regret to inform you"Article

"We regret to inform you." Don't you hate those words?

Justin Cohen 10 Sep 2019

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The '4 Cs of business writing'? Hogwash.Article

Local training companies selling business writing workshops all seem to have borrowed their sales pitch from the same place - 1995...

Tiffany Markman 13 Aug 2019

CliffCentral explores the power of podcasting and how it adds value to people's lives
CliffCentral explores the power of podcasting and how it adds value to people's livesArticle

CliffCentral assesses the qualitative and quantitative effect of podcast audiences - what makes it different, how it adds value to people's lives and how it is becoming a powerful way to connect brands to listeners...

26 Jun 2019

Trends shaping skincare and aesthetics - Part 2
Trends shaping skincare and aesthetics - Part 2Article

Being an honest entrepreneur, I make sure I test and trial absolutely everything before I market and promise results. Many in our industry are in it to make a quick buck...

Tzvia Hermann 3 May 2019

Presentations: The marketing factor
Presentations: The marketing factorArticle

Have you ever sat in a presentation or pitch wishing it would be over? The answer that I believe 99.9% of people will reply with is a resounding YES...

Keenan Bouwer 21 Sep 2018

Technology: The challenge for marketers
Technology: The challenge for marketersArticle

We will almost certainly wake up tomorrow with a new platform, feature, or app; this raises a few critical questions for advertisers and marketers: how will we keep up? Should we rush in to adopt? And how do we adapt to these new trends?...

Andrew MacKenzie 3 Aug 2018

Social media is not just for consumers
Social media is not just for consumersArticle

The success of social media marketing for consumer-based companies can be replicated for industrial and service-based organisations, provided some guidelines are established...

Issued by Litha Communications 1 Aug 2018

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How to simplify social media storytelling for your businessArticle

Mark Sham of Suits & Sneakers fame recently explained what you need to know about how social media has changed the world as we know it and how your brand can be better at social media storytelling...

Leigh Andrews 30 May 2018

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#OrchidsandOnions: Men are more of a risk - true story. Windhoek Lager ad - untrue story.Article

First for Women acknowledges that there are gender differences when it comes to underwriting risks. Some men might not like that, but it is the reality: Men are more of a risk, when it comes to insurance, because, generally, they are less cautious than women...

Brendan Seery 23 Jan 2018

#BizTrends2018: Does timeshare deserve its bad rap?
#BizTrends2018: Does timeshare deserve its bad rap?Article

The term 'timeshare' all too often conjures up images of late-night phone calls and promises of freebies if you can endure the persuasive sales pitch. Despite this poor reputation, timeshare in South Africa has been growing in stature...

Brent Dickson 17 Jan 2018

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Using Facebook to generate leads/salesArticle

Bogosi Motshegwa writes about how you can use Facebook to generate leads or sales...

Bogosi Motshegwa 19 Dec 2017

macgyverhh -
Why PR is still importantArticle

Nowadays, all manner of marketing services are available, from advertising to inbound to content marketing to SEO. So, where, in this new media mix does PR fit? And is it still important?...

Heather Baker 14 Dec 2017

GOT surprise-factor?
GOT surprise-factor?Article

To communicate in unforgettable ways, your brand must ‘break the human guessing machine'...

Douglas Kruger 28 Sep 2017

Breaking through creative boundaries and newspaper columns
Breaking through creative boundaries and newspaper columnsArticle

In advertising, the way to reach the consumer with the greatest impact is to use creativity to break through the clutter or to be disruptive...

Issued by Ads24 13 Sep 2017

The role of digital marketing in a millennial's world
The role of digital marketing in a millennial's worldArticle

Previously, the more advertisements you threw at the younger generation, the earlier you got them to purchase your brand. Now, reaching out to the younger generation requires a different line of thought...

Rory Pilley, Issued by Dentsu Aegis Network 31 Aug 2017

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#Indaba2017: A taste of what's in storeArticle

Thousands of exhibitors, travel buyers, visitors and media from all over the world is converging on the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre in Durban to experience the dynamic African travel industry...

16 May 2017

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Top tips for face-to-face sellingArticle

It is common for salespeople to seek a path that offers least resistance. For example, a salesperson may prefer sending an email or making a quick phone call rather than meeting up with the customer. What the majority of salespeople don't know is that customers ignore emails and calls, which means selling products and services becomes more difficult...

Jared Koning 20 Feb 2017

What do global brands need to know about the SA social media market?
What do global brands need to know about the SA social media market?Article

As an English girl living in South Africa for the last year, I have noticed stark differences in the ways brands and their audiences behave online. Not only are the content themes noticeably different to the European way of thinking...

Emma Glover 20 Jan 2017

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What makes content marketing return ongoing results?Article

Content marketing is defined as a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience...

Chemory Gunko 18 Jan 2017

Are you ready for 2017?
Are you ready for 2017?Article

What does your gut feel say? Well, here's the deal. No longer is it viable to rely on your intuition to know where your marketing campaign is heading...

Nick Sarnadas, Issued by Madex 28 Nov 2016

Understanding franchising risks
Understanding franchising risksArticle

Polls have found many people are attracted to franchising by the promise of flexibility and independence in their work. However, not all franchises can offer franchisees the level of freedom and autonomy they desire...

18 Oct 2016

Three ways company blogs can harness the power of Reddit
Three ways company blogs can harness the power of RedditArticle

Competition within the blogosphere can be absolutely fierce. However, what are company blogs to do when they're sizing up a competitor with millions of monthly unique views and a constant stream of topical content...?

Carmelo Hannity 14 Jul 2016

Five questions to ask before choosing an online college
Five questions to ask before choosing an online collegeArticle

Before you invest your time and money into your career, you should learn how to recognise and find online degree programmes that are valuable and useful...

Charles Mburugu 13 Jun 2016

Charlie Stewart
How quality content can seal the B2B dealArticle

This is a summary of a talk I recently gave at The Marketing Indaba 2016 in Cape Town on 25 May...

Charlie Stewart 27 May 2016

Rebecca Cronje
Is PR still relevant?Article

This is a summary of the talk I gave at @MarketingIndaba in Cape Town on 25 May.

Rebecca Cronje 26 May 2016

Making technology work for brands
Making technology work for brandsArticle

Brands need to find ways to add usefulness in their customers' lives beyond their product...

Danette Breitenbach 23 May 2016

Screengrabs from the ad.
[Orchids & Onions] Coronation earns trust of investors with simple messageArticle

Coronation Fund Managers have already produced a number of interesting, entertaining ads echoing their slogan, "Trust is earned"...

Brendan Seery 16 May 2016

Tips from a marketing all-rounder
Tips from a marketing all-rounderArticle

From my experience in the industry, having been in financial services, retail, entertainment and IT, and waste management, it became increasingly important for me to develop into an all rounder within marketing...

Saira Chinsamy 20 Apr 2016

Five PR lessons we can learn from Suzelle
Five PR lessons we can learn from SuzelleArticle

DIY sensation, Suzelle, has had quite the year; from the launch of her book, to becoming a TV star, to her international visits abroad...

Adam Hunter 4 Mar 2016

Achieving insurance sales acceleration
Achieving insurance sales accelerationArticle

Competition for new customer acquisition in the insurance sector has intensified, and with so much product parity, great service and seamless interactions are now the only differentiating factors...

Sean O'Keeffe 1 Sep 2015

Tapping into a new market spells success for local women
Tapping into a new market spells success for local womenArticle

The Western Cape is traditionally known for its fine wines, but as tourism and business engagements with different countries increase, it is time to change the focus of our drinking culture...

18 Aug 2015

Meet the Marketers - a new speed dating programme
Meet the Marketers - a new speed dating programmeArticle

The Independent Agency Search and Selection Company (IAS) is introducing a new programme called 'Meet the Marketers', where marketers and ad agencies can find each other, work together, and get the best out of their partnerships...

3 Jul 2015

The B2B buying power shift
The B2B buying power shiftArticle

Online media has created a power shift, a buying power shift, from the hands of the sales team to the hands of the people, the consumers. This new phenomenon must be carefully considered...

Sibongile Lehloo 26 May 2015

Niteske Marshall
Your CV has just seconds to impress: make them countArticle

Eight seconds is all it takes to knock the socks off potential employers reading your CV and entice them to read more...

Niteske Marshall 2 Apr 2015

DigiChat with Andrea: Content Marketing
DigiChat with Andrea: Content MarketingArticle

Anyone can create and distribute content. The key differentiator lies in creating and distributing content that's relevant, consistent; and attracts and acquires a clearly defined audience...

Andrea Mitchell 20 Jan 2015

Top tips for making 2015 your year for sales
Top tips for making 2015 your year for salesArticle

Sales is a tough game. It takes a lot to motivate yourself to get out there every day, make sales, and remain competitive in such a rapidly changing business landscape...

Duaan Dekker 5 Jan 2015

Elton Ollerhead
Multichannel campaigns workArticle

Grabbing and holding the attention of a modern consumer can be likened to grabbing and holding the attention of a two-year old...

Elton Ollerhead 12 Sep 2014

Telemarketing rings true in South Africa
Telemarketing rings true in South AfricaArticle

With over 59 million registered mobile phones out of an approximate population of 52 million, it's no surprise that telemarketing continues to prove so effective in South Africa.

5 Sep 2014

Hybrid heaven - Samsung Galaxy's K Zoom
Hybrid heaven - Samsung Galaxy's K ZoomArticle

If a digital camera and a highend smartphone could procreate, the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom would be that joyous offspring.

Kate Ferreira 21 Jul 2014

A salesman that never sleeps: the persuasive power of video
A salesman that never sleeps: the persuasive power of videoArticle

In a global marketplace where people are bombarded with a neverending stream of information from hundreds of companies every day, how do you stand out from the crowd and make sure you're understood?

Adrian Burger 17 Jul 2014

Speed Marketing Sessions return to Indaba 2014
Speed Marketing Sessions return to Indaba 2014Article

South African Tourism's Speed Marketing Sessions, the engine for brokering business at Indaba, are kicking into high gear again this year, introducing an array of South African tourism product to 200 top-quality hosted buyers from around the world.

28 Apr 2014

Two South African agencies feature in "The World's Leading Independent Agencies 2014"
Two South African agencies feature in "The World's Leading Independent Agencies 2014"Article

South African independent agencies, The Jupiter Drawing Room (Africa) and the King James Group, have been selected to appear in the 2014 edition of "The World's Leading Independent Agencies".

Issued by The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town 15 Apr 2014

Merchandise prices must be displayed
Merchandise prices must be displayedArticle

The promulgation of the Consumer Protection Act ushered in a new era for consumers and stipulates that a retailer cannot display goods for sale without displaying a price for those goods. However, the wording in respect of how that price should be displayed, is fairly wide.

Megan Badenhorst 10 Apr 2014

Two biggest mistakes recruiters make - and how to fix these
Two biggest mistakes recruiters make - and how to fix theseArticle

In the opinion of Andy Preston - global authority on cold calling and new business sales techniques - one of the biggest mistakes recruiters make is focusing more on recruiting for positions than on attracting clients and candidates.

Lia Marus 17 Feb 2014

Peter Mann
As the economy bites - keep your PR at all costsArticle

The collapsing rand, interest-rate hikes, petrol-price increases, food-price inflation, balance-of-payments deficits - all spell a disastrously tough year for marketers...

Peter Mann 4 Feb 2014

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