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New Tracker campaign promises 'We got you'

Tracker recently released a campaign speaking to their new lifestyle solutions. Highlighting the importance of safety in South Africa, the campaign is an expression of how Tracker can empower its customers to feel safer.
New Tracker campaign promises 'We got you'

Wayne de Nobrega, CEO of Tracker, spoke to us about the campaign and the idea behind it. In order to better connect with audiences, the campaign looks at the different situations South Africans may find themselves in.

“We wanted to move away from speaking about crime and connect with our customers through the diverse scenarios we showcased, all of which tap into a universal human truth,” says de Nobrega.

This universal human truth is that safety is a priority for everybody.
In the video campaign, we can see different people from all walks of life going about their day. Indulging in their hobbies, making time for dancing, taking trips with their families - all things that people like having the opportunity to do.

At the end of the day, Tracker promises ‘We got you’ to their customers - in more ways than one.

Brand messaging

The idea behind campaigns like this is to promote products and services by connecting with audiences on a personal level.

“We know that South Africans can relate to those feelings of being cared for and protected, knowing that we are there to ensure that things go right,” de Nobrega says.

The brand campaign is also part of a significantly bigger project that looks at defining the brand purpose for Tracker. The changing marketing landscape means that businesses are more in need of looking at their purpose and expressing this honestly to their customers.

Asking the pertinent questions - what pain points do your customers have? What social issues are they invested in, and how can your business take a stand in these issues to connect with them? and what are customers looking for in a brand they can trust? - can help your brand express a message that is authentic and helps your business be trusted by customers.

De Nobrega says the intent of the campaign is to “highlight our commitment to helping businesses run better, making homes safer and smarter, assisting in saving electricity and ensuring that our customers sleep better at night”.

As such, #WeGotYou speaks to the idea of authentic brand messaging and finding ways to connect with consumers in a meaningful way.

Safety has always been an issue of concern in South Africa, and it is essential to find means that makes us build a safer place for us all to thrive in. Hopefully, with campaigns like #WeGotYou, we can start the conversation about how this is possible for the future.

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