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Actress Moliehi Didie Makobane launches lip gloss range

Actress Moliehi Didie Makobane has launched her first cosmetic product for her cosmetic brand House of Didie.
Moliehi Didie Makobane. Source: Supplied.
Moliehi Didie Makobane. Source: Supplied.

Didie Lips is a nude lip gloss range that offers six colours for different skin tones.

According to Makobane who has starred n shows such as Intersections and Netflix's The Brave Ones, the range is more about celebrating uniqueness and letting your lips do the talking.

“Didie Lips is here to celebrate unorthodox beauty, it is here to include the uniqueness that has often been overlooked as not conventionally beautiful and most importantly, Didie Lips is here to empower the individual to share their story. That is to simply "let your lips do the talking," said Makobane.

“It’s not just a cosmetic product that only represents beauty, but it is also a tool that serves as a personal reminder of how far we’ve come where self-acceptance is concerned.”

Co-founder and Makobane’s sister, Ntaoleng Langa expressed her excitement about the launch of Didie Lips.

“I am excited about this launch, we have worked so hard in ensuring that this dream becomes a reality,” said Langa.

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