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Tourism leads vaccine charge with #Jab4Tourism campaign

To encourage South Africans to get vaccinated in numbers, the tourism sector is getting behind a #Jab4Tourism campaign, led by industry leaders and organisations. "While we support freedom of choice, we have to show our travellers that South Africa is Travel Ready and that we take their safety and that of our staff seriously," says Natalia Rosa, MD Big Ambitions.
Source: 123RF

The campaign seeks to flood social media with #jab4tourism images and videos showing the leadership role the tourism sector can play in getting South Africans vaccinated so that we can get back to business in earnest.

If you want to add your voice to the movement and inspire others to get their #jab4tourism:

1. Take a picture with your vaccine card and send via email to gro.acirfahtuosotlevart@ofni or to this WhatsApp number +27 60 996 1593.

2. Take a short selfie video highlighting what you are looking forward to once you’ve been vaccinated.

3. Or engage with the campaign on social media, using the #Jab4Tourism and #SouthAfricaisTravelReady hashtags.

4. For more information on the #jab4tourism campaign, visit

"If you’re sitting on the fence, don’t have the time or have loved ones and friends in that same space, our industry would be eternally grateful to you for getting your #jab4tourism and sharing it so that we can get back to business and save our summer season, with safety front of mind of course," says Rosa.

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