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#RecruitmentFocus: Communicate and connect - the art and science of recruitment

It's no secret that the Finance and IT industries are two of the most rapidly evolving sectors when it comes to jobs. Here Werner Saayman, the managing director of Communicate Gauteng and Tech Pro, talks to us about industry game-changers and the art and science of recruitment.
Werner Saayman, the managing director of Communicate Gauteng and Tech Pro
BizcommunityTell us a little about yourself and your journey with Communicate...

I started with Communicate Recruitment in 2005 as a recruitment consultant - I was fortunate to get an opportunity directly after completing my Degree. I moved into a team leader role in 2008 and since then developed into various levels of management. I am passionate about recruitment as I am able to influence not only the careers of our candidates but I am also directly involved in developing the careers of our consultants, team leaders and managers.

BizcommunityWhat are some of the services offered to job seekers and companies that differentiate Communicate Recruitment from other recruitment organisations?

We believe in creating lifelong connections through utilising the art and science of recruitment for our candidates and clients; for us it’s not just about making a placement, it’s about shaping careers and moving businesses forward. I am still in contact with candidates that I placed 14 years ago - most have become our clients and we are proud of that.

BizcommunityAs specialists in Finance and IT recruitment, what are some of the jobs available in these industries today that were non-existent 15 years ago?

In Finance, I have seen the changes in technical accounting, IFRS and reporting; compliance and risk/fraud related jobs have also become key in organisations, with jobs in finance becoming increasingly specialised. IT recruitment is ever-changing due to the nature of the niche but recently I have seen more focus on UI/UX roles and also cybersecurity, storage and infrastructure.

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BizcommunityWhat are some of the biggest game-changers you have seen in the recruitment sector over the years?

The rise of online professional platforms, example - LinkedIn. Sourcing tools and sourcing techniques used by recruiters. In marketing, the move and focus on digital marketing, Google AdWords and online campaigns. That being said, I still believe in the importance of connecting with candidates and clients on a personal level.

BizcommunityHow do you think the new labour laws - the deeming provision and national minimum wage - will affect employment long-term?

Our focus is mainly on the permanent professional employment sector and, as such, not affected by the deeming provision. Our Contracting division is, however, affected. My view is that the deeming provision provides the necessary protection or job security to under-threshold staff that they deserve. In the long term, this should provide candidates with a stable income allowing for a bigger contribution to the economy with increased spending power. The same applies to the national minimum wage - over time this should contribute to South Africa’s economic growth.
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