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CodeX wraps up year with Oracle-orientated hackathon

A four-day hackathon at codeX Coding Academy at the V&A Waterfront, marked the conclusion of this year's coding calendar for codeX's junior software developers who are now available to work as coders within South Africa.
International software solutions firm Steltix sponsored the end-of-term hackathon where 40 young coders applied their skills to create enterprise software web and mobile applications and components using Oracle JET (Javascript Extension Toolkit). By using the Oracle JET toolkit the developers built applications and components in only two days, some of which can already be used by Steltix.

Oracle JET (Javascript Extension Toolkit) offers a flexible and easy way to develop web applications using Javascript as the core language and then utilising the toolkit's component library to rapidly build web and mobile applications that are compatible with any device that runs a web browser. Oracle JET reportedly makes it super easy to build and deploy applications and can easily integrate with enterprise software like Oracle JD Edwards and also SaaS applications in the Oracle Cloud.

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According to Fritz Hölscher, managing director of Steltix South Africa: “The Hackathon rounded off this year’s ongoing collaboration between Steltix and codeX in the best possible way. We are proud that we could be part of this event that positively impacted these young coders prior to beginning their long and fruitful careers. Some of them will join the Steltix internship program in 2018, where they will continue to apply the skills that they learned.”

According to Cara Turner, codeX CEO, this approach brings out the best coding skills each person has developed over the past year. Rather than aiming for an overall winner, it sets a vital precedent for success in the working environment. “Collaboration, consultation, and negotiation are all key skills that our employers need, and don’t find with other graduates,” she says.

The codeX Coding Academy trains software developers in a way that enables them to quickly transition into a rewarding career. Commerce and industry have long raised concerns about school leavers and graduates being poorly equipped. When it comes to the kind of software development that grows modern economies, codeX believes it is producing well-rounded, employable talent.

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“We’re all about providing our aspiring developers the best start to their careers. The Hackathon provided that final source of inspiration to our young coders as they prepare to enter the workplace,” concludes Ms Turner.
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