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Electronics firm helps eye clinics

LG Electronics has launched a campaign to aid free eye care camps in Mozambique and Zambia.
LG Electronics through its local South African subsidiary has focused its efforts on delivering much needed services in communities in Mozambique and Zambia. LG Electronics and Vision Care Services (VCS) are making free eye care services freely available by offering eye care camps where members of the communities can receive comprehensive and quality eye care.

“This initiative has made it possible through our participation to bring world class eye care to people in communities in such need”, explains Dr Michelle Potgieter, Marketing Director for the company's South African division.

With the assistance of the company, a team of Korean doctors recently visited Mozambique and Zambia to conduct free eye surgery services to 50 patients. The operational team consisted of 16, two doctors, three nurses and one optician, while the rest were volunteers. The programme commenced in Maputo, Mozambique ended in Lusaka, Zambia. The team performed over 112 operations over the two-week period.

Doctor Cho Jeong Ik, says, “50 Zambian patients have successfully been operated on.” He adds, “Most of the patients at the eye clinic had the same problem, although the cause varied. The team conducted successful surgical removal of cataracts from the patients' eyes.”

A Zambian citizen said he was blind and had to be guided to reach the Lusaka Eye Clinic. He explained that he had struggled with eye problems since 1980 and suspected that the problem had been caused by high blood pressure and diabetes. He said he even went as far as Tanzania to access treatment but could not continue as he did not have enough funds. He was glad that the team of Korean doctors treated him free of charge and commended them saying they were professionals. “I did not even feel any pain when I had the operation. Before the operation I could not see, but now I regained my sight,” he said.

Vision Care Services is an NGO that was established in Korea in 2002. The organisation is dedicated to providing services to people who need eye surgery and proper treatment, with the focus on cataract blindness, who cannot afford such treatment. Vision Care Services has been contacted by the Nelson Mandela Foundation and are planning to conduct a free eye care camp at the Nelson Mandela Memorial Hospital in Port Elizabeth in 2009.

Through the participation and commitment of more than 629 volunteers and 124 ophthalmologists, Vision Eye Care Services has conducted more than 3000 operations since its inception in September 2002 around the world and continues to live its dream - that all people are able to exercise their right to sight.
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