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Inaugural South African Working Mothers Expo in November

For the first time in South Africa, an expo will be directly geared to meet the needs of working mothers. The Working Mothers Expo, in partnership with MiWayLife, takes place at the Sandton Convention Centre on 4-5 November 2016.
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The concept for the Working Mothers Expo originated out of a mother’s own need, and that of the working mothers around her. While Janice Windt, MD of Working Mothers Expo was based at Rand Merchant Bank and had very small children, she started a blog, which garnered some attention on the Huffington Post and resulted in her interviewing over 100 working mothers from 17 countries around the world.

The recurring theme was clear: most working mothers feel they are failing, while everyone else is making it work.

The purpose of the Working Mothers Expo is to create some dedicated time. so mothers can enjoy a moment to themselves. Today, it is not unusual to meet a woman who balances a challenging career with a plethora of household responsibilities, the intricacies of modern childcare and a fulfilling social life. She is certainly no longer lauded for her super-human abilities – it is simply expected of her.

Windt explains, “We will offer working mothers something they need: A space in which to take a moment for themselves, share ideas and solutions to match their unique needs and concerns and to realise that they are not in this alone. Working mothers and mothers to be will find a great deal of support and inspiration, all within an environment geared towards making them feel pampered and appreciated.”

Craig Baker, CEO of MiWayLife, says, “We are excited to be involved in this event, as it offers a platform for an essential but unique group of people – the working mothers of South Africa. We certainly value the opportunity of engaging with and learning more about the unique challenges faced by working mothers, as this will allow for the development of unique solutions. We hope to see the Working Mothers Expo become a permanent fixture on the expo calendar as a forum for working mothers to share with us and learn from others how best to achieve sustainable work-life balance.”

One of the aspects of the expo will be the Speaker’s Corner, which will feature some of the country’s most influential working mothers sharing their inspiration and insights into fulfilling the many-faceted roles of wife, partner, mother, business owner, professional, daughter and friend.

The expo will also allow working mothers a means to access products and services that have the potential to assist them in managing their busy lives.

Exhibitors at the expo will cover a diverse array of pertinent topics, including business and career opportunities, personal development, financial health, returning to the workforce, child development and stimulation, holiday solutions, childcare, lifestyle and home care, self-care, and health and beauty.

Working mothers will be able to browse the exhibitions at leisure, take a moment to listen to a particular speaker that inspires them, meet up with like-minded women, sip a cappuccino over a good book or relax with a massage or a manicure. For more information, go to
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