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Remembering my top 10 memes of 2014

Kim K's (un)klassy champagne shot, the Zuma 'Eskom switch it on and off again', and Kermit the Frog sipping Lipton Ice Tea. All among the top memes of 2014. All but a few of my favourites...
A Google search for '2014 memes' at the end of October brought me 108,000,000 results to wade through. Of course, everyone knows the good stuff lies on the front page of search results, but you often find some real gems if you dare to delve deeper... so dig away I did. And what did I find?

The Twilight/Buffy comparison

The 2014 memes that weren't

The obvious, lazy girl result would be to see what Youtube's put together. And lo and behold, they have something called the "Youtube Nation Youtube memes 2014 video"! But alarm bells started ringing when I clicked through and saw it was uploaded on 1 April 2014, so we're potentially missing three-quarters of the year there... plus there's the whole 'April Fool' angle associated with anything published on that date. Which is clearly what they were going for, as the videos included are clearly parodies...

But I digress. 2014 was a year jam-packed with memes.

One of my personal faves showed the difference between the protagonists/heroes/call them what you will of the supernatural show popular in my youth (ahem, we're going back to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer days here) offset against today's teen tragedy, Twilight.

Kermit's not local, as you know... though he really did feature all over my Saffa friends' Facebook walls, whenever something big happened. Take the Woolworths frog saga:

And of course he's always there having a sip of Lipton Ice Tea and commenting on things that just aren't his business.

Other popular memes on our shores and abroad this year include:

My top 10 memes of 2014

  1. Zuma Eish-kom and this compilation from TimesLive

  2. Kim K's booty balancing act

  3. Star of the 2014 FIFA World Cup - Luis 'Biter' Suarez

  4. The um, disastrous, South African earthquake

  5. Baleke Mbete refuses to 'recognise'

  6. Ask Robin Thicke

  7. The Bill Cosby rape accusations

  8. Thanksgiving and Grumpy Cat - how can you go wrong?

  9. Just plain Grumpy Cat

  10. iPhone 6 #BendGate*
Bonus - this was a funny variation that didn't involve a skew handset:

There you have it, folks. Let me know in the comments section below if I've missed any of your personal favourites from the year that was.

PS: If you were hoping for a more serious overview of memes, fear not as we have an overview of what they are by Estee Cockcroft, Business Unit Manager at Boomtown right here.

But wait, there's more! You can also create your own 'But that's none of my business' Kermit meme here and watch the Youtube video of Kermit's best 'None of my business' quotes uploaded by Youtuber Bugatti Beez below:

*Ranking purely based on my own constant social media scavenging. Yes, that is part of my job description.
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