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Valpre water plant for Heidelberg

An investment estimated to inject more than R400 million into the country, was officially announced yesterday Monday 12 October 2009 by Coca-Cola South Africa. The new Valpre Water Bottling plant is to be established in Heidelberg. Bill Egbe, president: Coca-Cola South Africa, was also present and reiterated the company's commitment towards the economic development of communities in South Africa.
“Through such consultative and collaborative efforts with municipalities and other local government offices, corporate South Africa is able to further accelerate the growth that the new administration committed to achieving. We believe projects such as the bottling plant will assist government to reach its unemployment alleviation targets and as such we're proud to be part of that movement for change,” states Egbe.

Jobs created

The plant, which is expected to be completed by September 2010, will generate over 300 jobs for the community during the construction phase and once fully operational.

“As a system, we've also taken great pride and precaution in ensuring that we not only empower our communities economically but we do this in a responsible and sustainable manner,” added Egbe. A complete Source Vulnerability assessment was conducted in the area and a source protection plan put in place for the protection of this rare find for the generations to come.

Furthermore, the Heidelberg region was selected as the ideal location to erect the plant because of not only its fitting mineral composition and water age but also its close proximity to the target market. To which Egbe concluded by saying, “This, in line with our environmental and business objectives, will help reduce our carbon footprint and ensure demand fulfilment of our brands.”
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Aaron Mojalefa Motaung
When are you going to advertise posts and where I can register if you have recruitment agency. Because self application is not working this days saying that I'm relocated in Heidelberg. I can be contacted at the following address
Posted on 28 Sep 2011 15:05