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Nikki Cockcroft steps down after 10 years with the DMMA

Nikki Cockcroft, executive director and former long-term chair of the Digital Media and Marketing Association (DMMA), has announced that she will be stepping down from the DMMA.
Nikki Cockcroft steps down after 10 years with the DMMA

Cockcroft admits that her decision to step down from the DMMA was bittersweet: "This was a very hard decision for me as I have invested so much time and energy into the DMMA over the past few years. However, after having been part of the DMMA for over a decade the timing was right. I have recently entered a new chapter in my personal life, and as a result I have had to shift my priorities as I embark on this exciting new journey."

Jarred Cinman, current chair of the DMMA Steering Committee (Steerco), says: "I have been lucky enough to see 'close-up' how much Nikki has contributed to the industry and the DMMA. With the DMMA celebrating its 10 year birthday this year, Nikki's resignation has come at a poignant yet fitting time and signifies the end of an era. I know that even though she will no longer be on the DMMA board we can always count on her for her insight and guidance."

Cockcroft will give her last public address to DMMA members at the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held on 15 August 2013. Cockcroft will remain as chair of the Bookmarks Awards for 2013.

"I wanted to announce this ahead of the AGM so that our members have time to think about their future Exco representation and nominate accordingly. This process is extremely important as it will determine who is responsible for driving the debates and decisions that form the digital landscape over the next year, to the benefit of our members and the industry as a whole, says Cockcroft.

"I would like to thank the Steerco heads for their hard work, dedication and commitment. I would especially like to thank Theresa Vitale, one of the directors of the DMMA, who has been with the DMMA since its inception and whose hard work and dedication is largely responsible for where we are today. And most importantly, I would like to thank the DMMA members for all that they have contributed over the past ten years - and I look forward to seeing what is in store for the digital industry over the next ten!

"Looking ahead I would like to focus on growing the diversity of skills in the digital industry through transformation and education. I would love to see more women coming through the ranks as well as people of colour, and I will continue to commit my time to this cause."

About Nikki Cockcroft:

Cockcroft is well known for her contribution to the digital industry over the years. Cockcroft was the former CEO of 365 Digital, where she introduced additional business areas including that of web development, ad operations and content syndication. After building 365 Digital into a profitable business, she oversaw a successful management buyout of the business and subsequent sale to Primedia. Cockcroft held the position of CEO of Primedia Online and later Prezence Digital, before joining Woolworths in 2011 as Group Head of Online.

Cockcroft has been a member of the DMMA for the past ten years, and has sat on the DMMA Executive Committee (Exco) for the past five of these. In 2009, Cockcroft was appointed as chair of the Bookmarks Awards, and it was under her leadership that the Bookmarks came to be known as one of the most respected awards ceremonies in South Africa. In 2011 and 2012 Cockcroft served as chair of the DMMA, after which she remained on the board as executive director up until the announcement of her resignation.

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