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Wavemaker evolves agency capabilities by launching Wavemaker Data and Analytics

International media house Wavemaker recently announced that it would be intensifying its approach to data solutions. It has appointed Delia Conde to lead this exciting evolution.

“After months of planning and preparation, we are pleased to reveal the data solutions we will be offering in 2023, as well as the phenomenal team who will be leading the charge,” Conde says. “Data, and the opportunities that can be harnessed from it, will always be a foundational strength for Wavemaker. Indeed, it is part of our DNA.”

The team — aptly named Wavemaker Data and Analytics, or DnA — will be responsible for driving data solutions that harness various data sources to provide actionable insights and products. This will ultimately result in growth for clients.

“The team is inspired and ready to work with clients on their business, communication, media, measurement, product, and tech goals,” Conde adds.

The Wavemaker DnA team is made up of eight specialists, each of whom boasts extensive and highly skilled experience. The data solutions offering is clustered into five pillars:

  • Audience Solutions: Offers detailed insight into consumers through proprietary research and first, second and third-party data connections, led by Nadine Vermeulen.
  • Digital Solutions: Offers insight across social, search and e-commerce, led by Kholofelo Makgopa.
  • Data Strategy Solutions: Provides invaluable direction to data strategy and application in Wavemaker’s bespoke tools, led by Juan-Pierre Grimbeek.
  • Product and Tech Solutions: Provides the capabilities to leverage technology and build product solutions based on client needs, led by Navir Papa.
  • Consulting Solutions: Brings customised solutions to clients that solve business challenges, led by Delia Conde, together with area experts.

L to R: Navir Papa, Delia Conde, Juan-Pierre Grimbeek, Nadine Vermeulen and Kholofelo Makgopa
L to R: Navir Papa, Delia Conde, Juan-Pierre Grimbeek, Nadine Vermeulen and Kholofelo Makgopa

In February, Wavemaker will be sharing more information on the various pillars and the great work already done to date.

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