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Location Bank releases industry leading insights and ROI dashboard

Location Bank recently announced the release of an integrated Rank Tracking and ROI dashboard within their proprietary location management platform.
Location Bank releases industry leading insights and ROI dashboard

The Rank Tracking tool gives businesses insights into their search visibility within Google search results across various search categories and specific locations or regions. Not content with stopping there, Location Bank innovated further by including competitor rank tracking to the mix.

Location Bank’s client’s can track their percentage share of first-page visibility relative to their competitors - at a keyword and regional level. Meaning that you as a brand are able to understand which competitors your customers are weighing up in their purchasing decision process

In terms of ROI, Location Bank built a full dashboard providing insights into how a brand’s online locations result in both online and in-store activity.

The ROI dashboard provides insights into online actions, store visits and sales across various time periods. Clients can also analyse their location management spend against traditional media analytics such as CPM and CPC, as these are also available in the dashboard. (These metrics highlight how effective Location Bank is as part of a brand’s media mix. In the above example the client was paying an effective 20 cents per click, a rate unheard of in media.)

Location Bank central focus has always been business ROI for clients, and have led the way in local SEO for over a decade.

Gabriella Pitt, Location Bank Commercial Director adds, "We have always been obsessive about ROI and performance of our clients, this tool serves to bring this into greater focus, and has the added benefit of showing us some real shortfalls in non-clients Local SEO."

These two innovations have helped Location Bank almost trebled locations under management in the last 12 months. Another notable recent success was signing two new international resellers after extensive pitches, based on the strength of Location Bank’s software solution.

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