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On the Dot Pamphlets depot visits in review

(8th July - 18th September)
As the depot visits have now drawn to an end, it is time for me to reflect back on all the highlights of the travelling for so long, as there were many. I have really enjoyed travelling and meeting with all our operations depots as they have all gone out of their way to accommodate and support me in our data collection drive.

Just a few interesting facts about my travelling this year:

25 depot visitation out of the 32 depots around the country
Boarded 8 flights
Travelling a distance of 7,594km by air
Driven a total of 4,935km by road
On average that is over 41 hours spent behind the wheel
A total distance of 12,529Km was travelled in 3 months

After consolidating all the work that we set out for ourselves to do, we found a few very interesting results:
  • The total number of all new areas added to the demos from all depots around the country, are a whopping 614 new suburbs, adding up to a total of 217,489 households.
  • The amount of areas that were removed from our demos as a result of non-accessibility and NU areas are, 85 suburbs resulting in a decrease of 90,613 households from our demographic data.
  • The total number of households that the existing demos have increased by 300,042 across South Africa and this is due to development happen within them.

Due to the updates of the demographics the following changes occurred:

  • Rural/Urban breakdown:
    We have seen a rise of 6.79% in rural areas as well as a rise of 2.79% in urban areas

  • Breakdown of suburbs by race:
    We have seen the following changes, the suburbs which have decreased are the predominantly White and Coloured areas which have decreased by 0.43% and 0.36% respectively.
    The predominantly Black and Asian areas have increased by 6.48% and 0.74% respectively.

  • Languages that have increased in our demos are:
    IsiXhosa - 9.02%,
    IsiZulu - 7.26%,
    Sepedi - 2.74%,
    SeSotho - 4.39%,
    Setswana - 6.64%,
    Tshivenda - 2.10%,
    Xitsonga - 8.38%
    And the Biggest increase was SiSwati with 27.92%.
    The languages which saw a drop are English - -0.42% and Afrikaans - -0.56%.
    The only language with no change was IsiNdebele.

  • Household type breakdown:
    Houses have increased by 3.80%,
    Flats have increased by 9.49%,
    Complexes have increased by 3.87% and
    RDP houses have increased by 3.76%.
    The only decrease we have had is the "Other" category which has decreased by -7.75%.
All the stats above are a result of hard work and dedication by our operations teams around the country who have all put in immense amount of hours to make sure that their regions have the most up to date information in the industry. A big Thank You goes to all the operational teams for your support and dedication as well as the Management team of On the Dot who support this initiative to ensure we have the best most up to date data in the industry.

So that wraps up the three months travelling around South Africa until next time...

Daniel de la Rey

About the author

Daniel De la Rey is Media Analyst for On the Dot Pamphlets division.
On the DotOn the Dot, South Africa's largest media supply chain management company, offers distribution solutions for magazines, newspapers, subscriptions, community newspapers, pamphlets and non-media parcels through direct to store, home delivery and informal networks.



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