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Optimising the ROI on print advertising investment

The aim of this paper was to investigate how eye tracking could effectively contribute towards the optimisation of return on print advertising investment. This is one of the presentations from the 33rd SAMRA Conference, Rosebank Crowne Plaza, Johannesburg. The conference took place from 16-17 August.
The definition of return on print advertising investment, for purposes of this investigation, was measured as the increase in brand or product awareness generated by investment into print advertising. In order to answer the research question holistically the print media landscape was assessed to establish the value that such an investigation would hold for South African advertisers. Characteristics of effective print advertising were then compared with insights that eye tracking can provide about them.

Marilu Smit, won joint-silver for overall best paper for Optimising advertising ROI on Print - The contribution of eye tracking now and into the future, and also took home the award for the best first-time speaker.

Optimising advertising ROI on Print in a rapidly changing economic and media landscape - the contribution of eye tracking now and into the future.
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Gerald Dicen
That was a really good paper that tackles the recent advancements in technology applied to traditional marketing. Print advertising truly remains the king in the marketing strategies. This link, , has a really good infographic on print advertising.
Posted on 7 Oct 2012 02:36

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