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The missing piece in the project management puzzle

There is no doubt that marketing and advertising agencies have come a long way in the past few decades, but what some still lack is the ability to accept and adapt to change, while striving to manage projects effectively.
Lauren Wait, head of brands at hoola Modern Agency

Something as small as a creative director taking a day of sick leave in the middle of a project, or a client requesting additional changes at the last minute, could cause a big headache for the project manager and team working on the project.

Agencies appreciate effective project management as it ensures structure and efficiency. It instils trust and allows for a calm, guided atmosphere for the team to excel.

Without it, it’s impossible to stick to a timeline, while delivering a job within a client’s budget, and keeping both the agency’s and the client’s team happy with the end result.

However, changes are a given with any project, but large agencies often struggle when it comes to implementing agile, robust project management processes. They have a big ship to turn, which can be slow and rigid.
The uprising of project management within various industries

Melissa Wilson, special projects manager SSA (DHL South Africa), was the recent recipient of Top Overall Student and Best Final Project for the Programme in Project Management (PPM) at Enterprises University of Pretoria...

Issued by Enterprises University of Pretoria 14 Jul 2021

Like any business, agencies have a ton to manage and organise on a daily basis. There are multiple projects on the go - varying in size, complexity and budget, which means the success of a project is heavily dependent on an agency’s ability to effectively manage them.

So, when you also throw agility into that mix, things can become quite disruptive, which is why you need to be prepared for change and have the right attitude towards it, along with the right people to manage it.

At hoola, we have adopted this thinking and attitude. We start by employing the right, talented people for the job. We also know when to ask for team support to get a project over the finish line, and we’re driven to the end to ensure it’s still delivered effectively and meets the high quality standards we set for ourselves.

Approaching project management in this agile manner does not come without its challenges, which is why I also highlighted managing expectations (internally and externally), as well as good communication and time management skills, as being key factors in the project management process.

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Lauren Wait, Head of Brands at hoola Modern Agency

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