The secret to a successful online business: The online funnel - Part 2

In Part 1, I shared insights of the why, what and how of online funnels. In Part 2, I'll share how to use funnels to generate warm leads for your business; launch new products successfully and generate passive income from new subscribers.

3 Essential funnels your business needs

1. The list-building funnel

Every single business needs new leads and ways of communicating with them. This funnel is designed to build your biggest online asset.

You see, you might have a big following on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook, but you don’t own your audience there. What if IG, YT or FB change their policies or delete your account or cease to exist?

We mitigate the risk of operating on social media by capturing leads with our list building funnel.

Imagine you’re selling fitness coaching...

Traffic - You put out a social media post about hitting lifting plateaus and how you can break them if you click on the ad.

Landing page and lead magnet - People come to your landing page where you describe your lead magnet. In this case, you offer an overload workout routine PDF that will break through your plateaus, in exchange for joining your email list.

Email welcome series - Once you have a new subscriber you’ve got to introduce yourself and what to expect being on the email list. All done through three to four automated emails.

You now own your customer information and have a direct communication channel to your prospects. The more people you have entering this funnel, the more leads you’ll have at the end.

2. The launch funnel

For a successful launch, you need people to know you’re launching. Your marketing efforts need to be in sync to maximize your ROI for launch.

Imagine you’re launching an online education app...

Traffic - Your social media ads talk to the pain of low pass rates and the coronavirus impact on education levels.

Landing page and lead magnet - People come to your page where you talk about the benefits of doing past papers and offer 100 free Gr 12 NSC past papers when they enter into your email list.

Email sequences - In four to seven emails you’ll tell the story of your app and more importantly why your subscribers should sign up and use it! Again, building up interest and desire in your leads.

Sales page - In almost every email in your sequence above, you should link to your sales page. In this case, it will be our app download page. This page should overcome objections to downloading your app and successfully capture your audience's desire for the app.

3. The evergreen funnel

Every time you get a new email subscriber, you want to show them what you have to offer from the beginning. This funnel consists of only emails. It’s essentially your passive income from people on your email list. The evergreen funnel offers are usually timeless products and services like courses on public speaking, dating and personal development.

For this funnel, imagine we’re selling online courses...
  • Email 1 - Welcome to my email list!
  • Email 2 - These are the courses I’ve created and problems they solve.
  • Email 3 - Here are some of the course alumni and what they had to say.
  • Email 4 - Buy my course on discount for a limited time…

Boom! Now every email subscriber could become a customer just by signing up.

Wrapping up

Online Funnels are your best friend when it comes to acquiring leads, nurturing relationships and making sales. They help you keep focused on your business objectives when creating the marketing assets and choosing technology to build your online funnels.

We learned that there are three essential funnels to:
  1. Build your email list.
  2. Launch your product.
  3. Sell your evergreen product or service.

About the author

Sharved Maganbeharie has a passion for online business and the psychology of sales and marketing. He has his own digital marketing agency eCentury Agency which focuses on e-commerce, education and software businesses. You can reach him here:

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