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The secret to a successful online business: The online funnel - Part 1

With 38.19 million people in South Africa online and mobile phones sitting on 100.6 million active devices... Is it really risky for your business to make the investment of being online? Or is the real risk not taking advantage of this opportunity now?
18 billion hours on our phones, reach people where they are
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Multiply these purchases by R14 to show how big this market really is…
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The problem is, you’re late to the party. The internet is filled with noise… The average person sees around 4,000-10,000 advertisements per day, according to

So, how can you set your business apart?

How can you capture and hold attention? (the most valuable commodity in the world) and how can you take this attention and turn it into real business results?

If you’re in online business or looking to explore online business and generate massive ROI. There’s one tool you need to understand… That is online funnels.

Why you need an online funnel

Whether you are B2B or B2C, most of your customers are online. There are currently 2.85 billion users on Facebook… Our attention is online these days.

Imagine if you could get the attention of just 100,000 people. Educate these 100,000 people about your business and offer them your products or service. How would your business change if you had 1000 new customers?

Online funnels exist to systematically capture attention online and move people through sales conversations required for someone to buy from you online.

Online funnels help you cut through the clutter of complexity on the internet because they keep you focused on your customer's journey to the outcome that you want. Funnels reach your customers where they are and move them to where you want them depending on your goals, whether it be leads, calls booked or sales made.

Funnels keep your customers engaged and move your customers to buy from you without you or a sales rep persuading these customers, as your content and copy does this for you. They also show you that you don’t need to do everything online to be successful. They show you that you only need to be good at a few things online to generate massive ROI.

How does an online funnel work?

An online funnel is nothing to be afraid of. It’s simply the term used for every customer’s journey to the sale.

AIDA explains how people move through your sales funnel.
  • Awareness - when your prospect first comes into contact with your business.
  • Interest - when your prospect engages with your business or marketing asset.
  • Desire - when your prospect becomes a lead wants a solution to their problem.
  • Action - when your lead becomes a customer and a purchase decision is made.

How to construct your minimum viable funnel

If you’re itching to see the online funnel in action, consider this example.

We’re selling gym apparel online and we’re having a summer sale...

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Awareness: You’ll need a Traffic Source - To get enough people into our funnel, we’re going to get them to click on our Facebook Ads for the sale.

Interest - Landing Pages, this is the web page that people who clicked your ad come to. It’s designed to pique interest and capture desire in the form of email addresses.

Interest/Desire - Lead Magnet, on your landing page you’d offer a discount coupon in exchange for your prospect’s email address.

Desire/Action - Email Sequences, These sequences are designed to inspire action and take advantage of our summer sale while it's still available.

Action - Sales Pages, When your prospects click the links to the sale in your emails, they will be taken here to complete their purchase.
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Consider the above marketing assets and how they fit into your business’s sales funnel. Once your funnel is set up correctly, you’ll essentially have a round-the-clock, stellar selling, online salesperson who attracts, nurtures and closes your leads for you.

In conclusion

Online funnels are your best friend when it comes to acquiring leads, nurturing relationships and making sales.

They keep you focused on the customer journey and what your prospect needs to hear from your content to keep moving towards the ultimate goal of the funnel.

In Part 2, I'll explain three funnels and how they help you achieve: Consistent warm leads to your business; Successfully launch your new product and Create a consistent source of passive income online.

About the author

Sharved Maganbeharie, Blue Ocean Conversion Copywriter

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