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Vicinity Media launches Visitability Reporting

Today marks the launch of mobile advertising network Vicinity Media's proprietary geo-fencing and audience location technology that allows for real world visit reporting post exposure to a mobile web advertising campaign.
Vicinity Media launches Visitability Reporting

Put simply, it enables you to prove your campaign influenced people to actually go in-store and buy, so you can report on individuals that have not only seen your mobile ads, but also gone in-store during the campaign period.

So it provides insight into user behaviour and movement after having been exposed to the campaign. The report measures the effectiveness of a campaign in influencing user behaviour and conversion.

Although visit tracking from App has been around for some time, such reporting in the mobile web space is a global innovation, believes COO Neil Clarence. “From the research we’ve done, the global events we’ve attended and the companies we’ve engaged with, we believe this is a global first to market solution.

Vicinity Media CEO Daryl Van Arkel adds: “The industry is talking a lot about attribution, we don’t believe in attribution reporting because no one single media platform can claim to be the one that closes the loop. Those that do are using a smoke and mirrors approach.

Instead the Visitability report focuses on pure, real visit data. Something they think is more valuable than a percentage or ratio based on something that might or might not have happened.

I asked Clarence to explain how this new reporting technology works.

Tell us a bit more about Visitability Reporting.

Through our publisher network we collect 100-million data points every month – that’s over 2,000 per minute. This data allows us to locate users whenever they engage with the network, whether an ad is served or not.

By creating visit geofences around the clients’ physical locations we can report on how many have been located in-store.

The tech we use is session-based meaning we’re able to ‘see’ individuals every time they engage with our publisher network, but only during their browsing session.

How is it different to visit tracking?

Visit tracking is available in the app space and has been for some time. However, our solution reports on store visits after exposure to a mobile or desktop web banner.

Why the focus on reporting actual store visits?

We didn’t want to use stats to extrapolate the data and report on what could have happened. Instead we’d rather focus on what we know happened. A lower real number is more valuable than a made up higher number.

Following the soft launch a few weeks ago, what has the response been?

So far it has been phenomenal, which one would expect as we’re finally able to prove ROI for our clients. We’re now ready to go industry wide.

For more info, visit Vicinity Media.

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