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Savanna slides into Nando's DMs to spice up the cider scene

Two of South Africa's favourite brands have joined forces to spice up the cider scene in a new TVC campaign. Savana partnered with Nando's for the launch of the brand's spicy variant, Savanna Chilled Chilli. The same crisp dry Savanna Cider that South Africans love, just with hints of chilli and ginger.
Savanna slides into Nando's DMs to spice up the cider scene

Savanna has been pushing the flavour envelope and bringing the people bold Crisp and Dry variants that are refreshing and easy to drink.

In the campaign’s TVC, we are introduced to ‘Chakalaka Norris,’ the protagonist and the spiciest man in South Africa. A character so spicy, he eats at Nando’s in a Savanna Ad.’

Devised by WPP Liquid for client Distell and directed by Peter Pohorsky of Plank Film Productions.

Tyler Lambert, creative group head of copy at Grey, says, "Once Savanna decided to run with Chilled Chilli as their new product innovation, the question became how to bring this ground-breaking flavour to the people. Very early on in the process of answering that question, we knew that Nando’s would be our perfect ally as we leap boldly into the chilli and spice space. So we reached out, and made it happen."

Justine Cullinan, GM marketing: brand strategy and communication at Nando's explains "We are well-known as the home of peri-peri as well as spicy quips and clapbacks, so when Savanna approached us to collaborate with them on this saucy campaign, we were thrilled to be the meal of choice for Chakalaka Norris.'

As this was a Savanna product innovation, most of the creative process remained status quo. The WPP Team Liquid did the conceptualizing and creating, as they would with any other Savanna campaign. Nando’s role was to give guidance on the best representation of their product and their brand.

Savanna slides into Nando's DMs to spice up the cider scene

Pohorsky comments on the production “From the moment the team presented the idea to me, and I heard the punch line ‘he’s so spicy he eats at Nando’s chicken in Savanna ads’ I was hooked. It is ballsy, it’s funny, it’s South African, and it hits all the right buttons.”

Savanna led the campaign and the production process. "So for the most part, it felt how Savanna productions normally feel. Having said that, we loved having the experience and insight of the incredible Nando’s brand team as a part of the broader approval processes. It gave us so much confidence," says Lambert.

“South Africa has been holding out for a hero and Chakalaka Norris might just be that guy. Unless he’s busy that day.” Explains Fran Luckin, chief creative officer at Grey. Norris is an instant icon and has had social media buzzing since the campaign launch.

Savanna slides into Nando's DMs to spice up the cider scene

“We are all about doing things differently and are known for challenging the norm with our products and unique experiences. Savanna Chilled Chilli is the beginning of a new trend when it comes to ciders and the product you need to spice up your next get-together and spark up conversations,” says Eugene Lenford, marketing manager at Savanna. “Our new spicy kid on the block is just in time for spicier times. South Africans love a bit of spice when it comes to food, drinks, the weather and even their tweets. This innovation is boundary pushing in a sea of safe innovations around fruit flavours.”

Time will tell if we will see more of these collaborations in South Africa, but given the positive feedback to this campaign we wouldn’t be surprised if we started seeing these types of collabs become more common.

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