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Level 3: Green light for takeaways and booze, but tobacco ban remains

The ban on cigarettes and related tobacco products will remain in place, but alcohol will be permitted for sale on certain days of the week...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 28 May 2020

New coastal by-laws for Cape Town

The City of Cape Town's Council has adopted the Coastal By-law during the meeting that was held yesterday, 27 May 2020. The City says the by-law is intended to better protect and manage its coastline...

28 May 2020

How tech-driven partnership marketing can fill the (imminent) direct marketing void in SA

Privacy-by-design data sharing models are set to transform partnership marketing, says Anton Grutzmacher, co-founder and chief revenue officer at Omnisient...

By Anton Grutzmacher 28 May 2020

Court victory for "invisible, undocumented children"

In a victory for "invisible, undocumented children", unwed fathers will soon be able to register the births of their children without the mother being present or giving consent...

By Tania Broughton 22 May 2020

Electronic Communications Sector: Covid-19 Highlights

The Electronic Communication sector of South Africa has seen many changes to its legislative universe as well as important omissions. This includes the omission, likely as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, of the much-anticipated Protection of Personal Information Act No 4 of 2013, widely expected to be enacted on 1 April 2020...

By Ezra Pillay 19 May 2020

The continued threat of coal mining at the Mapungubwe world heritage site

Most developing countries face acute tensions between socio-economic development and environmental protection. Any opposition to proposed development, on environmental or heritage grounds, is seen as a threat to the creation of employment and the growth of the economy...

By Ndukuyakhe Ndlovu 19 May 2020

Public Procurement Bill aims to simplify processes

South Africa is awash with numerous public procurement laws exacerbated by further Covid-19 related regulations. The current version of the public procurement Bill aims to unify the laws dealing with public sector procurement by creating a singular regulatory framework that applies to local, provincial, and national government as well as state-owned entities...

By Imraan Mahomed, Veronica Vurgarellis, Vaughn Harrison and Yuri Tangur 19 May 2020

Alarm over proposed changes to Meat Safety Act

While there is general scientific consensus that the novel coronavirus is of zoonotic origin and various groupings are advising that wildlife markets must be closed, the South African government has been putting forward legislation that could massively expand the wildlife industry to become mass meat suppliers to the world...

18 May 2020

A sneak-peek at the future of crypto asset regulation in South Africa

The Intergovernmental Fintech Working Group (IFWG) has released its long-awaited position paper on crypto assets following the initial consultation paper published in 2019...

By Seshree Govender, Cindy Liebowitz & Fatima Ismail 13 May 2020

Judgment reserved in CoCT's bid to procure power from independent sources

Judgment has been reserved in the City of Cape Town's application to get clarity on whether municipalities are lawfully entitled to procure energy from independent power producers in terms of their own energy planning and not only in terms of national prescripts...

12 May 2020

Level 4: Hardware, food delivery and winter clothing allowed, but no cigarettes

The sale of cigarettes and alcohol will remain prohibited...

30 Apr 2020

Call for comment: CoCT's proposed amendments to Streets and Public Places By-law

The City of Cape Town is calling for public comment on proposed amendments to its Streets, Public Places and the Prevention of Noise Nuisances By-law. The amendments relate to the City's ability to act and recover costs in terms of the by-law and are available for public comment until 17 May 2020...

22 Apr 2020

Oral submissions on Division of Revenue Bill cancelled

The Select Committee on Appropriations has cancelled public hearings for oral submissions on 2020 Division of Revenue Bill scheduled to take place in May...

16 Apr 2020

South Africa's mining sector in lockdown & after Covid-19

With the Covid-19 lockdown in full effect until the end of April, and the potential for yet another extension still looming, South Africa's mines have scaled down operations massively...

By Lizle Louw, Nirvasha Singh, Garyn Rapson, Kate Collier, Merlita Kennedy & Rita Spalding 15 Apr 2020

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