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SAQA welcomes NQF Amendment Bill

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) has commended the role players who have worked to get the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Amendment Bill through Parliamentary processes...

1 day ago

Cofi Bill brings down regulatory siloes for medical scheme customers

Healthcare sector stakeholders have long advocated for a single regulator, believing that the current dual framework creates a regulatory arbitrage not conducive to offering the consumer maximum protection...

10 Apr 2019

AARTO Bill ready to be signed by the President

The Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act (AARTO) Amendment Bill has been passed by Parliament and is now ready to be signed into law by the President...

9 Apr 2019

IEC postpones implementation of Political Party Funding Act

The Electoral Commission (IEC) has decided to postpone the implementation of the Political Party Funding Act...

4 Apr 2019

Revised Carbon Tax Bill introduced to Parliament

Last week the minister of finance introduced the revised Carbon Tax Bill (Bill) to Parliament, which aims to give effect to South Africa's objectives and commitments to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions...

By Gillian Niven & Nirvasha Singh 2 Apr 2019

National law now prevents city from giving rates rebates to some NPOs, PBOs

Due to changes in national legislation certain non-profit organisations (NPOs) and public benefit organisations (PBOs) who in the past could qualify for rates rebates will no longer be able to access this assistance...

2 Apr 2019

PoPI, social media and influencers

What we all should know and how to make your business compliant...

By Johanna McDowell 1 Apr 2019

Your payroll provider might be compliant, but are they honest and transparent?

Today, more and more businesses are confidently outsourcing business functions, or parts thereof to service providers whom they trust to do the job faster, more affordably, and more effectively than they can themselves. Payroll and HR is no exception to the trend...

By Warren van Wyk 1 Apr 2019

Key judgement secures renewable IPP contracts with Eskom

The Pretoria High Court has dismissed a declarator and interdict application brought by the Coal Transporters Forum (CTF) to set aside the power purchase agreements...

By Michael Evans & Megan Adderley 28 Mar 2019

Minerals Council files for judicial review of Mining Charter clauses

The Minerals Council South Africa says that despite ongoing attempts to reach a compromise with the minister of energy, it has filed an application for judicial review to set aside certain clauses in the 2018 Mining Charter...

28 Mar 2019

Whether it's R1 or R1m - you have to be registered when lending money with interest

The fall out between an elderly couple and their business partner, and the consequent lengthy legal battle, led to an interesting situation for anyone borrowing or lending money in South Africa...

By Lamis Adam 26 Mar 2019

Several bills get green light from National Assembly

As the fifth Parliament concludes its work in the next few weeks, it is pushing ahead by passing essential laws which are in line with the Constitution's values...

20 Mar 2019

How the BELA Bill could affect home education learners

Education officials are still finalising the Basic Education Laws Amendment (BELA) Bill, which is set to include some changes to the home education landscape in South Africa. This will particularly affect home education learners between the ages of seven and 15 years old...

By Professor Rita Niemann 19 Mar 2019

Can loot box systems be classified as gambling?

Whenever you think about gambling, you usually imagine yourself hitting the jackpot at a slot machine in the casino. However, what if gambling covered more than just a chance at winning a tangible prize? Does South African law recognise the possibility of gambling for virtual-items?

By Sergio dos Santos 19 Mar 2019

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