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Positive weather conditions help lift agriculture GDP output

The latest GDP update from Statistics South Africa shows an impressive rebound in agriculture forestry and fishing industry sector fortunes for the first quarter of 2020...

By Paul Makube 1 Jul 2020

Forestry, paper sector builds back a better future for SA's youth

The effect of Covid-19 and lockdown on children and youngsters have been a case for debate and study, from lack of access to data or devices for online learning to the mental health issues. It has also stirred many sectors not to "go back to normal" but to "build back better"...

19 Jun 2020

Why plantations are not green deserts

Ahead of the United Nations' International Day of Forests on 21 March, Forestry South Africa research and protection director Dr Ronald Heath talks about how the commercial forestry industry is leading the way in conserving and rehabilitating areas of high biodiversity value. He also challenges people to think differently about plantations...

By Dr Ronald Heath 19 Mar 2020

Destroying Nigeria's riverside forests is bad for the freshwater ecosystem

Population growth and attendant human activities are destroying a freshwater ecosystem...

By Emmanuel O. Akindele 11 Mar 2020

Revolutionise food production system or face mass deforestation, scientists warn

Indigenous and local communities face threats from biodiversity loss...

By Julie Mollins 20 Feb 2020

Forestry South Africa launches new corporate website

Apart from presenting an overview of FSA's roles, functions and structures, the new website provides useful information and case studies, while showcasing industry initiatives, such as environmental partnerships, community outreach and forestry-related recreational activities...

29 Jan 2020

Management of intact forestlands by indigenous peoples key to protecting climate

Rights recognition crucial to fend off global warming and catastrophic climate change...

By Julie Mollins 24 Jan 2020

Growing extra trees, shrubs raises smallholders $50/year

When smallholder farmers mix trees and shrubs into their lands it increases their revenues by almost $50 per person per year, a study has revealed...

By Gilbert Nakweya 23 Jan 2020

ICRAF assesses the socioeconomic impact of agroforestry in Kenya

The World Agroforestry Centre has found that an agroforestry-development programme run by Vi Agroforestry, a Swedish NGO in Kenya, has improved farmers' incomes from agroforestry products, increased access to fuelwood, and raised milk yields for dairy farmers...

13 Jan 2020

FAO highlights solutions to deforestation

FAO is working with countries to coordinate land use approaches across sectors, ensuring integrated management of forests and agriculture so that both food security and forestry objectives are met...

18 Dec 2019

How to design a forest fit to heal the planet

Without care, reforestation projects can damage ecosystems and be useless as carbon stores. Here's how to go about it the right way.

By Heather Plumpton 11 Dec 2019

Travel treasure troves in the trees

Dr Ronald Heath, research director at Forestry South Africa shares how commercial forests and the land which they share with indigenous woodlands and grasslands, are a playground for many this festive season and lists five things to add to your bucket list ahead of this festive season and going into the new year...

By Dr Ronald Heath 4 Dec 2019

Invasive alien plants and their impact on water use

Experts warn that in addition to the energy crisis, South Africans face another looming disaster in the form of severe water scarcity. The Department of Water and Sanitation warned that unless urgent actions are taken, South Africa will experience a water shortage of approximately 3,000 billion litres by 2030...

By Louise Stafford 28 Oct 2019

International Print Day: 8 reasons why print thrives

With research the world over pointing to a resurgence of paper and print, from planners to paperbacks, we are enticed away from the touchscreen to the tactile...

By Samantha Choles 23 Oct 2019

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