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#BehindtheBrandManager: Thobile Tshabalala, head of Brand at Old Mutual

Thobile Tshabalala, head of Brand at Old Mutual is responsible for implementing the overall brand strategies and marketing-related plans to build and grow the Old Mutual brand...

By Jessica Tennant 13 Apr 2021

Wide-eyed shockers: 5 things that could happen in the blink of an eye... and how to deal with them

The average person blinks approximately 15 to 20 times each minute. Based on this estimate, the average person blinks for 10% of the time they are awake or between 5.2 and 7.1 million times a year...

Issued by Irvine Partners 8 Apr 2021

Have you created a family legacy?

We all want to be remembered. To leave an impact before we kick the bucket. Therefore, many people work hard towards creating something that will protect and provide for their loved ones long after they are gone...

Issued by MiWayLife 8 Apr 2021

Climate change will be more disruptive than the Covid-19 pandemic

The strong consensus of opinion in the scientific community is that the climate is changing, and global temperatures are rising...

By Lisa Pines 8 Apr 2021

Motor warranty vs service plan vs car insurance: What's the difference?

A motor warranty, a service plan and a maintenance plan each cover various vehicle functions and materials, while car insurance is a completely separate cover type...

Issued by Dotsure 7 Apr 2021

Chat holds the key to future innovation in insurance

Sixty-four percent of African insurance organisations are stuck in the early and middle stages of digital transformation...

31 Mar 2021

How the incident on the Suez highlights insurance risks of mega ships

Insurers have warned for years that the increasing size of vessels is leading to a higher accumulation of risk. These fears have been realised by the large container ship currently blocking the critical Suez Canal sea route...

26 Mar 2021

PoPI changes in the insurance industry

Driven by increasing regulation, competitive pressures and new technologies the insurance industry has been under pressure to evolve at a rapid pace...

24 Mar 2021

MiWay launches fully digital car insurance that covers you in the blink of an eye

MiWay launches MiWay Blink, a fully digital car insurance app, with monthly cashback benefits to incentivise safe driving and reflect actual distance travelled....

Issued by MiWay 23 Mar 2021

Does cause of death impact life insurance payouts?

How you die has ripple effects on many things. Not only does it impact your loved ones, but it can also affect your life insurance payout...

Issued by MiWayLife 15 Mar 2021

Insurers brace for fresh wave of regulatory reforms in 2021

Non-life insurers will have to stay on their toes throughout 2021. Hard on the heels of the Covid-19 business interruption judgements that caught some insurers off guard in 2020...

9 Mar 2021

How death is a motivator for life

Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it that gives us a reason to live life as best as we can...

Issued by MiWayLife 4 Mar 2021

Hollard launches ad-sharing campaign

Building a small business is an extreme sport but a mindset shift by asset managers to start investing in startups can support promising small enterprises, which in turn should use their nimbleness to access markets that are hard to penetrate...

4 Mar 2021

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