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#MentalHealth4SMEs: Are you getting enough sleep?

In this series, Jeff Lomey and Mark Wortley share top mental health tips that can assist SME owners to reach business success...

By Jeff Lomey & Mark Wortley 5 Aug 2020

#MentalHealth4SMEs: Poor mental health can kill your business

In this series, Jeff Lomey and Mark Wortley share top mental health tips that can assist SME owners to reach business success...

By Jeff Lomey & Mark Wortley 30 Jul 2020

South Africans on the verge of a lockdown meltdown

Ask Afrika's Covid-19 socio-economic research shows levels of distress not abating...

By Bernice Joubert and Mariette Croukamp, Issued by Ask Afrika 28 Jul 2020

Of love and loss: when your partner has dementia

There are many forms of dementia, and almost all of them are characterised by memory loss. Dementia patients can also experience considerable mood changes and personality shifts...

Issued by Livewell 22 Jun 2020

Counselling Hub boosts mental healthcare response during Covid-19 crisis

As South Africa's Covid-19 response shut down many options for access to mental healthcare services, Woodstock's Counselling Hub recognised the critical need to still be available to its low-income community...

19 Jun 2020

Poor mental health is as big a threat as poor physical health in the time of corona

The health crisis overshadowing our nation is not limited to physical health. As much as it's a threat to physical health, the threat of the virus itself along with the resultant lockdown are likely to have severe short- and long-term impacts on mental health...

19 Jun 2020

How businesses can support mental health in the Covid-19 workplace

While people can handle change, uncertainty can seriously drive up stress and anxiety levels, especially around the world of work...

By Nicci Botha 8 May 2020

How are you coping with Covid-19 stressors?

A potentially prolonged, gradual easing of national restrictions combined with the invisible and ever-present threat of the virus is causing a lingering sense of uncertainty for many South Africans...

6 May 2020

Achieving mental wellbeing during Covid-19

As part of Saica's Leadership in a time of crisis webinar series, clinical psychologist Navlika Ratangee spoke about how to achieve mental wellbeing during the Covid-19 crisis...

Issued by SAICA 4 May 2020

Cipla and partners launch 'The Lockline' because laughter can be the best medicine

Many South Africans were hoping to wake up on 1 May 2020 to the end of the nationwide lockdown. Instead, they may decide to do a little morning exercise before 9am and then catch a new short-form comedy show called The Lockline, a collaboration between Cipla, Both Worlds Pictures and some of South Africa's top comedians...

Issued by Cipla 4 May 2020

Mindfulness matters for entrepreneurs

Manic multitasking is a part of nearly any entrepreneur's everyday job description...

By Selina Bieber 4 May 2020

Laughter is the best medicine with Cipla

Because laughter is the best medicine, Cipla has partnered with renowned comedian Tumi Morake for some light-hearted relief during the lockdown...

Issued by Cipla 14 Apr 2020

Looking after your mental health during the Covid-19 lockdown

As South Africa is currently in a three-week nationwide lockdown to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), many people are experiencing heightened feelings of uncertainty, unrest and loneliness...

Issued by Cipla 1 Apr 2020

7 science-based strategies to cope with coronavirus anxiety

As the SARS-CoV-2 virus continues its global spread and the number of diagnosed Covid-19 cases continues to increase, anxiety related to the outbreak is on the rise too...

By Jelena Kecmanovic 11 Mar 2020

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