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Mindfulness matters for entrepreneurs
Mindfulness matters for entrepreneurs

Manic multitasking is a part of nearly any entrepreneur's everyday job description...

By Selina Bieber 4 May 2020

3 intense wellness trends for 2020
3 intense wellness trends for 2020

For those seekers always on the lookout for new wellness and events trends, here are three that we'll hear more about in the coming year...

By Kelly McGillivray 6 Feb 2020

Boniswa Pezisa, CEO of Net#work BBDO.
#BizTrends2020: The rise of essentialism, mindfulness and Boomer apps

I predict we will see a rise of essentialism and discernment, mindfulness and wholesomeness, and Boomer apps over the course of 2020...

By Boniswa Pezisa 9 Jan 2020

Image credit: Sydney Sims on Unsplash.
#WorldMentalHealthDay: I am not 'always on'... for the sake of my sanity

My name is Khuthalani Khumalo, and I refuse to perpetuate the 'always on' culture - for the sake of my sanity...

By Khuthalani Khumalo 10 Oct 2019

Image credit: AJ on Unsplash.
Spring beam

September is the month of bright flowers, fresh scents and new beginnings and the chance to smile, writes Howard Feldman...

By Howard Feldman 14 Aug 2019

Image credit: Pinterest.
Pinterest launches 'emotional well-being activities' for stressed internet users

Pinterest revealed new "emotional well-being activities" for users to perform when they search for negative content...

By Shereesa Moodley 25 Jul 2019

Fighting the rise of workplace depression and suicide
Fighting the rise of workplace depression and suicide

A recent report from the CDC showed that the USA is in the grip of a sustained rise in the suicide rate for both sexes and across all age groups. From 1999 to 2014, the suicide rate rose by 24%. A database from the OECD also shows that the recent uptick is mirrored in Britain and the Netherlands, among other countries...

By Eugene Yiga 31 Dec 2018

#WomensMonth: Gather the girls
#WomensMonth: Gather the girls

Mlisska Hubert, life coach and founder of She Gathers is building a suspension bridge between women, hosting gatherings to hold communion about what it means to be a woman today...

By Mlisska Hubert 14 Aug 2018

Linda Mertens, program manager at The Next Web. Image provided.
#CreativeMorningsCT: TNW's Linda Mertens on mental health, the role of creatives and top 2018 trends

Linda Mertens from The Next Web (TNW) on having an open, educated and inclusive conversation about mental health, the role of creatives in this ever-evolving technological world and top trends for 2018...

By Juanita Pienaar 20 Dec 2017

Boris Dzhingarov
Drug education and why it is important to every individual

With illegal drugs easily made available to anyone looking for them, it is important that people focus on raising awareness about the dangers of drugs and drug abuse...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 23 Dec 2016

Boris Dzhingarov
Stress at work - How meditation can help

The right kind of stress can result in increased preparation and enhance performance. But stress can, of course, also be hugely damaging. At its worst, stress can kill...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 26 May 2016

Chemory Gunko
Hitting rock bottom and finding hope

I think it's fair to say that 2014 has been a pretty horrible year for many, many people, including me...

By Chemory Gunko 4 Dec 2014

Marion Scher
Here's a sponsorship that will make a major impact on people's lives

If you could get your client R24.5m editorial coverage for two months (Jan and February), would you have happy clients or what?

By Marion Scher 31 Mar 2014

Chamendran Naidoo
The patient who cried wolf: Assuming the sick role

At some point, we've all heard the fable "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", the moral of which relates to those who are known to alarm others with imagined dangers, and the fact that they are less likely to be believed in the face of actual danger, possibly with dire consequences. In the medical world, this tale plays out in the concept of the sick role.

By Chamendran Naidoo 23 Oct 2012

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