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Howard Feldman

Writer, speaker, analyst, and DJ at Chai FM
Location:South Africa


Howard Feldman is one of SA's leading entrepreneurs. His experience is global and extensive, spanning more than 20 years of working as a businessman, philanthropist and social commentator. Feldman was the chairperson of the Board of the South African Jewish Report, the only weekly Jewish newspaper in Africa, and he is a global keynote speaker, business strategist, author and morning drive show host. Regularly published in local and global publications, Feldman provides insights into strategic thinking, motivation, facilitating solutions.
It would be a grave mistake to order your coffin too late

Because 2020 wasn't weird enough, South Africans are apparently now able to purchase coffins on popular retail site Takealot...

By Howard Feldman 3 days ago

7 simple laws to using "Zoom" calls

It is somewhat disappointing that the government have not legislated behavior on "Zoom" calls...

By Howard Feldman 22 May 2020

Optimism is a strategy

On first blush, there is ample reason to be miserable. The economic data recently released has once again confirmed that South Africa is in a recession...

By Howard Feldman 9 Mar 2020

Spring beam

September is the month of bright flowers, fresh scents and new beginnings and the chance to smile, writes Howard Feldman...

By Howard Feldman 14 Aug 2019

Understanding body language as a cluster of actions

It is not so much what they say, but all the other stuff that envelopes it...

By Howard Feldman 24 Jul 2019

Despondent slogans

It is astonishing that the South African political parties have not identified that South Africans crave hope as well as confidence in the future...

By Howard Feldman 4 Apr 2019

Marketing SA Inc

Forget marketing South Africa to foreign investors. The campaign promoting SA Inc needs to begin with the marketing of the country to South Africans...

By Howard Feldman 20 Feb 2019

Twitter Delinquent Disorder (TDD)

A new epidemic is fast spreading across the globe. It is known as Twitter Delinquent Disorder (TDD) - and it kills reputations in less than 280 characters...

By Howard Feldman 15 Jun 2018

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