Selina Bieber

Regional Director for Turkey and MENA at GoDaddy EMEA
Location:South Africa


Selina Bieber is the regional director for Turkey and MENA at GoDaddy EMEA.
Email marketing campaign ideas to finish 2020 off strong

A festive email marketing campaign needs to be something special to stand out. To break through the noise and clutter, you will need to craft a compelling message or offer...

By Selina Bieber 23 Dec 2020

How small business owners can end off 2020

Whether you're in an industry that took a knock during the pandemic or one that was busier than ever, 2020 has been a trying year for most small business owners...

By Selina Bieber 21 Dec 2020

Digital marketing tips for the last of the festive season rush

After a challenging year for most small businesses, you won't want to miss out on the opportunity to help drive holiday interest and boost your growth during this festive season for shopping...

By Selina Bieber 21 Dec 2020

How digital technology can help your small business

Technology can help your small business to be more efficient, reach new markets, and cope with the new social distancing requirements we all face...

By Selina Bieber 11 Nov 2020

Is it time to change your side hustle into your main job?

During the national Covid-19 lockdown, many South Africans took up side hustles to help make up for a drop in their income or to make productive use of their extra time at home...

By Selina Bieber 22 Oct 2020

4 ways a website can help your small business weather the pandemic

The 2020 GoDaddy Global Entrepreneurship Survey found that entrepreneurs who had a website were less likely to close their businesses during Covid-19 lockdowns than those without one...

By Selina Bieber 4 Sep 2020

How having a personal website can help your job hunt

There are plenty of reasons to build a website of your own - from using it to promote your side hustle as a coder or graphic designer, to blogging about your interests for fun and kudos. One great use for a website you might not have thought about is using it to help secure your desired job...

By Selina Bieber 23 Jun 2020

The 4 stages of a small business's digital journey

Many South African business owners, side-hustlers and freelancers know that it's more urgent than ever to accelerate their digital journey, to help stay active during the Covid-19 pandemic...

By Selina Bieber 21 May 2020

Mindfulness matters for entrepreneurs

Manic multitasking is a part of nearly any entrepreneur's everyday job description...

By Selina Bieber 4 May 2020

How to stay connected with your customers during a pandemic

This is an uncertain time for South African business owners, but it may offer an opportunity to focus on the factors that are within your control...

By Selina Bieber 9 Apr 2020

Let's focus on the gender imbalance in tech entrepreneurship

It is an opportune time to review the progress that women have made in the technology industry and to ask what more we could do to encourage higher female participation in the sector...

By Selina Bieber 16 Aug 2019

How to use special days and occasions to help drum up sales

If you're looking to market your small business, consider celebration days, special events and public holidays as the perfect reason to reach out to your customers with messages, deals and promotions...

By Selina Bieber 7 May 2019

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