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Red Ribbon Communications elevates brand recognition in the renewable energy sector

Tech PR agency Red Ribbon Communications shows expertise in the sustainable energy sector with a landmark Rubicon partnership
Red Ribbon Communications elevates brand recognition in the renewable energy sector

Red Ribbon Communications, a leading PR agency specialising in tech PR and sustainability, has achieved a significant milestone through its successful collaboration with Rubicon, a leading South African sustainable technology provider. The strategic partnership has not only solidified Red Ribbon’s position as an expert in providing PR services to renewable energy solutions but has also affirmed Rubicon’s position at the forefront of the industry.

“At Red Ribbon, we pride ourselves on our ability to leverage cutting-edge PR strategies to elevate brands like Rubicon in the tech and renewable energy space,” says Ronelle Bester, founder and account director at Red Ribbon Communications. “As an agency, we commit to driving positive change in the sustainable energy sector through strategic PR initiatives.”

The partnership between Red Ribbon and Rubicon began with a simple goal: to boost brand recognition for Rubicon’s Synapse Ultra residential solar solution during their “Switch on Summer” marketing campaign. Through targeted media outreach and innovative storytelling, Red Ribbon successfully positioned Synapse Ultra as a household name in the renewable energy market.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Bester highlighted the impact of Red Ribbon’s strategic approach in accentuating Rubicon’s position as an industry leader. “Our customised PR strategy, including conducting a consumer survey to gain valuable insights into consumer preferences, enabled us to highlight Rubicon’s expertise and innovation in sustainable energy solutions, cementing their position as a leader in the industry.”

One of the standout achievements of the partnership was the strategic positioning of Dylan Schnetler, Rubicon’s brand head for Synapse Ultra, as a thought leader in South Africa’s energy discourse. “By highlighting Schnetler’s expertise and industry insights, we effectively elevated Synapse Ultra’s brand authority and credibility,” says Bester.

In another strategic move, Red Ribbon leveraged the buzz surrounding the State of the Nation address to further elevate Rubicon’s brand authority. By positioning Nick Roche, Rubicon’s chief product officer, as a key energy expert, Red Ribbon secured significant media coverage before and after the address. Roche’s critique of the president’s green energy statements received widespread attention, further establishing Rubicon as a thought leader in the renewable energy sector.

Throughout their collaboration, Red Ribbon’s proactive approach led to an impressive editorial reach of 19.9 million, surpassing industry competitors and amplifying Rubicon’s share of voice in the market. With numerous press features and broadcast interviews on top-tier platforms like eNCA, IOL, SAFm, and TimesLive, Red Ribbon successfully positioned Rubicon and their Synapse Ultra solution as a state-of-the-art offering in the residential solar energy market.

“Our focus on driving brand visibility and industry leadership has propelled Rubicon to new heights in the renewable energy sector,” says Bester, underscoring the PR agency’s dedication to delivering impactful results for its clients.

Kelly Scott, group head of marketing and communications at Rubicon, commended Red Ribbon for their exceptional work in positioning Rubicon as a forward-thinking company committed to driving positive change. Scott expressed, “The team at Red Ribbon are truly skilled professionals. Their expertise in sustainable energy PR has not only expanded our brand recognition but has also reinforced our reputation as industry innovators.”

The successful collaboration between Red Ribbon Communications and Rubicon underscores the agency’s expertise in tech PR for sustainable energy solutions. Through strategic storytelling and targeted media outreach, Red Ribbon has established itself as a top PR agency driving impactful change in the renewable energy sector.

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