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Joburg Film Festival unpacks good storytelling in youth development programme

The Joburg Film Festival's Youth & Audience Programme, which is held bi-weekly across various regions in Gauteng, plays a vital role in shaping the minds of young voices who aspire to pursue a career in the media industry.

This past weekend’s Youth and Audience Programme in the Westrand was testament to the saying: 'There is no greater power on this earth, than a story.'

Guests have access to actors, directors, and film makers through workshops and master classes.

The Westrand leg saw Mmabathu Kau, multi-talented producer, script consultant and broadcaster with over 20 years industry experience share her insights on what the must-haves of a good story are.

These are the must-haves of a good story according to Mmabathu Kau:

  • A great premise (or promise)
  • This one is simple. If you promise a great love story, you should give the audience a great love story.

  • Compelling characters
  • This involves deciding which characters or personalities can tell your story best. Pro tips:

    • Flawed characters are the best characters to use
    • Characters must always have a clear goal or desire
    • Always allude to your character’s status in their society
    • Base the characters on yourself or people you actually know
    • Ask what each of your characters would do if they had US$25 million

  • A great plot
  • What happens in the story? The structure/plot is like your skin, it covers and holds everything together. Any good plot has three key parts: a beginning or inciting incident, a midpoint (where the worst thing that could happen, happens), and a climax.

  • A captivating story world
  • Decide on a setting.

  • Memorable dialogue
  • Words matter.

  • Timing
  • What’s the right time for me to tell your story? This can be influenced by current events.

  • There must always be a villain or an antagonist in your story
  • Your story is only as strong as its antagonist or the challenge your protagonist must overcome.

  • It’s okay to borrow ideas from someone else
  • No need to clutch your pearls. Some of the world’s greatest writers integrate concepts or characters from other writers into their work.

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