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Telkom launches 5G network service

Telkom has announced the launch of a 5G network service. "Additional spectrum has evolved Telkom's connectivity ecosystem and catapulted Telkom's journey into 5G connectivity. The Telkom 5G network was officially launched in partnership with Huawei on 27 October 2022," Telkom said in a statement.
Lunga Siyo | image supplied
Lunga Siyo | image supplied

“Although 5G stands head and shoulders above 4G and LTE through faster and more reliable connection it provides, however it was critical for us to make sure that our existing 4G ecosystem remains strong whilst introducing 5G into the market,” stated Lunga Siyo, CEO of Telkom Consumer and Business.

“At launch, Telkom will primarily focus on providing 5G fixed wireless access solutions, as the demand for mobile 5G increases, we will supplement this with suitable mobile propositions. We are excited to offer our consumers even faster internet speeds.

“5G is the next frontier of technological innovation and we are excited to bring this technology to the fingertips of all South Africans to realise the potential of a fully connected world,” Siyo continued.

“5G, with its ultra-high-speed and low latency, will support new services for South African consumers, like online AR/VR gaming and UHD streaming; it will also enable businesses with cloud and AI technologies. Huawei, as Telkom's, strategic partner, will not only help to build 5G networks but is also committed to supporting Telkom to achieve business success in the 5G era,” says Fortune Wang, director of Huawei South Africa, carrier business.

“Our purpose is to seamlessly connect our customers to a better life, and through our entry into 5G, we believe that our customers will be able to enjoy a better, connected world, ” Siyo concluded.

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