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Advanced technology requires advanced firewall protection

Seeing how technology has evolved over the past few years is an enlightening phenomenon, users are introduced to smarter phones, TVs, watches, security cameras, and so much more daily - but do they consider the security risks associated with these trendy devices?
Image source: © Maksim Kabakou –
Image source: © Maksim Kabakou –

Welcoming these devices into our homes and offices may seem great in terms of remaining current but they also create greater risk of falling victim to cyber-attacks. “Users are often so taken back at technological innovations that they forget about the fact that as technology evolves and becomes more advanced, so does cybercrime,” says Gerhard Gouws.

Thanks to Stormshield’s extensive range of network security solutions, choosing the right firewall to cyber-serenise your business is as simple as asking yourself three primary questions:

1. Would you prefer a physical or virtual firewall?

Choosing between a physical or virtual firewall is completely based on your preferences and Stormshield has the capability to provide for both through their Elastic Virtual Appliance (EVA) range. The EVA range allows Stormshield to offer users the same security levels that they would be receiving through making use of physical products.

2. Will deployment be complex?

Stormshield develop their solutions with simplicity in mind, and this is made evident through their graphical user’s interface will allows for easy management and administration. It is important to note however that just because deployment and management is simple, users will still receive industry leading firewall protection.

3. What level of performance do you require?

Level of performance required is mainly linked to your needs. When comparing Stormshield’s product range, users need to consider both firewall and IPS throughput, network connectivity and the number of VPN tunnels required. Once users have determined the above considerations, Stormshield offers an easy-to-use comparison tool which allows users to compare performance, VPN features, network, and connectivity.

Aside from simplicity, Stormshield offers users a variety of additional key benefits including optimal protection through complete security, budget control through reduced maintenance costs, scalable and portable solutions that can be altered depending on your security needs, and automatic updates allowing your team to focus on their jobs and not continuous maintenance.

For further assistance on selecting the best-suited firewall protection for your company, contact Pinnacle’s specialised team of cybersecurity experts: az.oc.elcannip@ytirucesrebyc or visit
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