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Ayanda Allie throws down some facts!

Ayanda Allie throws down some facts!

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    Uwin Iwin Incentives partners with peopleHum as official representative in South Africa

    Uwin Iwin Incentives, a leading incentive consultancy firm based in Bryanston, proudly announces its strategic partnership with peopleHum, a global, award-winning, human capital management platform, to become peopleHum's official affiliate and representative in South Africa.
    Uwin Iwin Incentives partners with peopleHum as official representative in South Africa

    peopleHum, developed by peopleHum Technologies in California, USA is a powerful end-to-end HR software tool designed to streamline and enhance human resource operations. It provides an all-in-one solution for managing various HR tasks, from the hiring process, to on boarding, employee analytics, performance evaluations and employee engagement.

    With peopleHum's comprehensive suite of features, HR departments of small, medium-sized and enterprise businesses gain a holistic view and control over HR-related duties.

    The software enables HR professionals to obtain a "bird's-eye view" of overall employee engagement and employee health, facilitating improved workflow and communication within the HR department and the organisation as a whole. By leveraging peopleHum, HR departments can operate more efficiently and effectively.

    One of the key benefits of peopleHum is its ability to simplify HR data management. As a digital solution, it provides an efficient platform for collecting and organising HR data, making it easier for HR professionals to track and manage the information of an entire company.

    Moreover, the software allows businesses to customise and tailor their human resource strategies based on their organisational needs, enhancing scalability within the organisation.

    In an era where digital transformation is reshaping industries, automation of data and information is vital for organisations to thrive. Access to real-time information and robust data analytics has become crucial for businesses to make informed decisions.

    This paradigm shift is equally evident in the HR field, where gathering, analysing, and sharing information has evolved. The peopleHum tool empowers HR executives to observe and track employee trends within their organisation, enabling them to respond promptly and effectively.

    As an official affiliate and representative of peopleHum, Uwin Iwin Incentives assumes the responsibility of marketing and informing customers about the immense advantages of utilising the peopleHum software.

    With their extensive expertise in incentive consultancy, Uwin Iwin Incentives is poised to assist organisations in optimising their human resource management processes and maximising employee engagement through this innovative software product.

    Uwin Iwin Incentives and peopleHum are excited about the possibilities brought forth by this collaboration. By combining Uwin Iwin Incentives' industry-leading expertise in incentive consultancy with peopleHum's state-of-the-art HR software, businesses in South Africa can expect significant improvements in their human capital management processes.

    For media inquiries or more information, please contact:
    Marc Ries
    HR Consultant Uwin Iwin Incentives
    +27 83 222 6031

    About Uwin Iwin Incentives:

    Uwin Iwin Incentives is a Bryanston-based incentive consultancy firm and a full-service provider of performance incentive management solutions. With extensive experience in the field, Uwin Iwin Incentives helps organisations enhance performance, increase employee engagement, and drive business results through effective incentive programmes.

    About peopleHum:

    peopleHum is a global, award winning, Human Capital Management platform developed by peopleHum Technologies of California, USA. Designed to simplify human resource management, peopleHum offers a comprehensive suite of features to streamline HR operations, optimise employee engagement, and facilitate data-driven decision-making.

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