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The Loeries - Did we tell better stories?

Now that the proverbial dust has settled on the Loeries Awards, and the self-congratulatory social media posts are gradually dwindling, we are left with the epitaph of, "Did we actually tell better stories?"

There are many ways to answer this question and even more permutations of who does it or did it better? But there are very few that can emulate the authenticity in which stories are delivered through radio. And Gagasi FM’s partnership with the Loeries has been based on this premise, even before the theme was even announced for this year.

Gagasi FM, like the institution of the Loeries, celebrates the true human engagement and this year, through the in-depth judging process, the Loeries revealed and celebrated the leading creatives that brought these moments of absolute engagement to life by amplifying the needs of their respective clients. Fun was had by all. But what now?

Vukile Zondi, Gagasi FM Managing Director, stated that as a partner to the Loeries for 2019, there was almost an unspoken obligation to make these moments last in a more sustainable manner. “We did not just partner to afford Gagasi FM the opportunity to present an award, the partnership is key in taking our audiences with us as we traverse territory that was traditionally out of reach for a radio brand. Now we have earned a seat at the media buying table – more so than ever before. Our platform is sought after in order to tell authentic stories, tell them better and in Gagasi’s case – tell these stories to the largest bi-lingual audience base in KZN. That’s pretty powerful,” says Zondi.

It is evident that the custodial reach of the Loeries has extended well beyond that of just the organisers and the award nominees – Gagasi FM is certainly testament to the fact that the creative industry will always be indebted to platforms that land their campaigns in a truly effective manner. And the efficacy is always measured by the numbers and Gagasi FM has these numbers, in abundance.

To listen to true KZN stories being told better, tune into Gagasi FM and visit their website to experience the Gagasi Lifestyle via: https://gagasiworld.co.za.

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