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Luxury villas in France: Holiday homes for great holidays

When you think of having your holiday in a luxury villa, you imagine a lavish home with spacious rooms and shrouded by amazing beauty of nature, right? Most probably, a picture of immaculate shoreline with glimmering blue waters may also comes to mind.
Luxury villas in France: Holiday homes for great holidays

In truth, the experience of staying in a villa for holidays is way beyond what most people imagine. These villas offer holidaymakers a matchless lifestyle and can really make any holidays something that will be forever cherished and worth remembering.

Luxury villas are also a perfect gateway for travellers who want to spend some quality time with their family, away from the hubbub of the city. These accommodations give a homely feeling since they are usually built like a real home. The difference is that, aside from the usual amenities offered by lodges to travellers, the villas have extras like private swimming pools, large rooms, gym, spa, sprawling gardens, and a lot more. In a nutshell, it can be said that luxury villas are designed to maximise the enjoyment and satisfaction of all the people who made time to rest, go out and play.

At any rate, if you have decided to visit France, to taste the world-famous French cuisine and wines as well as visit all the attractions and tourist spots that France is known of, it is a good idea to stay in holiday luxury villas in France to completely realise your dream French holiday. At this point, you might still be wondering why you should choose the villas over the other lodging options. Well, so that you will be further convinced, read the reasons below:

1. Luxury villas are mostly found in a location with magnificent backdrop. Locations like these are simply hard to resist so you will really be enticed to stay there. Moreover, as these structures are typically built on sprawling lands thus the place is not crowded like in the cities. This means, villas are found on rural areas or somewhere outside the city.
2. Villas offer many bedrooms. You can reserve a unit with spacious rooms numbering from 2 to 20.
3. As this is a building designed like a home, luxury villas are complete with fully-equipped kitchens, living room, dining room, porch, and may have a pool. A beautiful garden is also a common trait of luxury villas in France, with lawns filled with flowers and greens. There are also units that have private Golf Courses.

Luxury villas in France: Holiday homes for great holidays

Besides being vast, the villas offer ultimate privacy, which is important to everyone. You also agree with this, for sure. Now, to make it easier for you to find a good villa to stay in while in France, check out the splendid holiday homes listed below:

La Grande Bleue

Luxury villas are all over France but the La Grande Bleue is one of the most popular among the holidaymakers. Most people may have preferred this place because of its tranquil location and the grand amenities that could be enjoyed. La Grande Bleue also boasts of first-rate facilities such as tennis courts, guesthouse, and swimming pool.
The family could also go horseback riding, play golf, or try various water sports while in this villa. There are many things to do so no one will get bored.


These are the villas found just outside St. Tropez and St. Maxine. If you are seeking a large luxury villa to accommodate your group, Belvedere is just the place to be. The majority of the villas here feature spectacular views of the gulf to St. Tropez. From your infinity pool, you can also see the luxury yachts scattered by the gulf. Domestic service is also offered to all visitors so throughout your stay, everything in the villa is taken care for you.

Cadran Solaire

The holiday homes here are also located in the vicinity of St Tropez and Pampelonne beach is just nearby. Most of the villas, big and small, are located in the countryside and sit on acres of private land. Luxurious rooms and big swimming pools are to be expected in the villas here. After a day of sight-seeing around France, isn't it nice to relax in a lavish yet very cosy place?

If you are planning a luxury holiday in France, it is easy to see why the luxury villas are the best option for lodging. It is your home away from home. It is a place where you can experience lavishness and pleasure, which make up unforgettable and truly amazing holidays.

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