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Now trucks can take the road with confidence

Dunlop becomes first tyre manufacturer in South Africa to launch truck tyre insurance.
Now trucks can take the road with confidence

Truck owners and operators demand the most from their tyres, which are an essential aspect of keeping fleets moving and getting drivers and cargo safely to their destinations. With the high mileage requirements of heavy vehicles in this sector, there is enormous pressure to maximise cost per kilometre (CPK), reduce breakdown costs and overcome challenging traffic congestion and road conditions, all while ensuring on-the-road safety.

High quality, durable and technologically advanced truck and bus radial (TBR) tyres are, therefore, a must for trucking fleets. Dunlop’s locally manufactured SP835A TBR tyre ticks all the boxes for long haul, highway travel, delivering premium performance with up to 18% more mileage and low CPK to help reduce fleet costs.

Lubin Ozoux, CEO of Sumitomo Rubber South Africa (SRSA), which manufactures the Dunlop, Sumitomo and Falken Tyre brands, said: “This premium Drive tyre in our TBR range has been extensively tested for South African and African road conditions. We are so confident in the SP835A tyre that we have extended our Dunlop Sure value-added tyre insurance, previously only available on certain passenger tyres, all SUV tyres and Light Truck Radial (LTR) tyres, to the SP835A size 315/80R/22.5 at no additional cost to the customer. It is available from 1 April 2022, making us the first tyre manufacturer in South Africa to launch a truck tyre insurance.”

The Dunlop Sure Truck Tyre Insurance on the SP835A size 315/80R/22.5 is valid for 18 months from date of purchase – longer than the standard 12 months offered on Dunlop’s non-TBR insurance offerings. It is available exclusively at Dunlop stores.

Full tyre replacement is offered in the first six months for irreparable truck tyre damage sustained in all road hazards, without any costs for tread already used, and only fitment costs for the customer’s account.

On approval of the claim, the insurer will order a replacement tyre on the customer’s behalf and have it delivered to their Dunlop store.

If the tyre claim falls under the next 12 months, then the remaining tread will be calculated, and a credit paid directly by the insurer to the dealer.

To activate the Dunlop Sure Truck Tyre Insurance on purchase of the SP835A size 315/80R/22.5, the dealer (Dunlop Zone, Express, Commercial or Container store) is required to register the policy on the customer’s behalf via the Dunlop Dealer Portal within seven days of purchase. A policy number received directly or through the dealer confirms the registration was completed successfully.

Claims can be lodged through any Dunlop dealer in South Africa, eSwatini, Botswana, Namibia and Lesotho, provided the insurance was registered as specified, complete with a valid policy number as confirmation.

An all-round game-changer tyre, the SP835A’s construction and technical qualities reduce the need for maintenance and rotation, providing greater mileage output, more even wear in all environments, reduced energy loss and improved fuel efficiency.

It also stands up to many of the hazards of local long distance road transport, with its ability to minimise stone retention and ward off cuts, chips and trapped stones, keeping trucks safer on the road.

Sumitomo Rubber South Africa’s locally produced TBR range brings innovation, durability and high performance to the market, with products specifically designed to meet the challenges of African road conditions. Tyres are designed using advanced Japanese technology, tested in Africa, and manufactured in South Africa, ensuring heavy vehicles have the right tyres for enhanced quality and safety.

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