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5 coffee trends to look out for in 2023

Every year we are exposed to new coffee trends and new ideas on how to enjoy our cuppa.
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Although many still stick to their same orders, there are those who like to venture out and try something different, encouraging others to do the same. This simple curiosity is the start of a growing trend.

Coffee is a drink that is loved all over the world and the chances of this changing are slim, but that doesn’t mean the way in which coffee is enjoyed can’t be explored.

Instant coffee was once a trend while many were still brewing their favourite blend, and now a jar of instant coffee can probably be found in most homes. This is why coffee brands need to be able to identify new trends and monitor how fast they grow, giving their customers what they want from their favourite brands.

Five coffee trends to watch

The size of your coffee. Coffee used to come in whatever size cup was available, now we have options that range from small espresso shot size cups to large takeaway cups that will keep you alert for the entire day. It seems that the bigger the coffee, the happier the client.

Cold coffee beverages have become very popular, and not only in summer. Iced lattes, frappuccinos and others have become a favourite to order when sitting in a café, or simply as a takeaway option. The American National Coffee Association has found that cold coffee beverages have increased 23% since January 2021.

Is your coffee ethically sourced? Consumers are more and more becoming interested in where their coffee comes from and if it is sustainable. Many brands have made sustainability an important pillar in their coffee processes. From farming to manufacturing – sustainability needs to be taken into account.

Easy-to-make coffee is making a comeback. As coffee consumers have multiple cups of coffee throughout the day and are also pressed for time, the quicker it takes to make the coffee the better. Instant coffee and capsule coffee are usually quick to make and with the improved quality of at-home coffee, delicious and easy to enjoy.

Milk alternatives are in serious demand. Gone are the days of choosing between full-fat and low-fat milk, now the options include various oat and nut milk, as well as soy, with new ones entering the market on a regular basis.

As the coffee industry grows and changes, so will the trends. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your coffee the simple way, but why not try something different? Who knows? You may like it.

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Thokozane Radeb is the brand manager for coffee brands L'OR and Douwe Egberts
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