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South Africa dishes the details on its favourite delivered food

It's not often they agree, but foodies in Johannesburg and Cape Town are on the same page (or is that the same plate?) when having their food delivered.
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Image supplied

Johannesburg customers order chicken twice more than Capetonians. In contrast, Cape Town customers are a little hooked on fish, with roughly nine fish orders for every 11 orders of chicken.

Interestingly, Cape Town wins the food delivery stakes fins down, where sushi was ordered almost 100,000 times last year, and Johannesburg has done so a little over 10,000 times.

Beef wins over chicken every time, though, with nearly 10 orders for every seven orders of chicken in Cape Town. Johannesburg’s meat lovers choose beef twice as often as they choose chicken.

Residents of the two iconic cities agree when choosing between Italian and Indian food. Capetonians order more Indian food than they order Italian, while Joburgers order Indian food roughly two thirds more than they order Italian food.

Cape Town’s favourite burger is the Brocka Cheeseburger from Brocka in Rondebosch. At the same time, Johannesburg’s residents love a trusted, timeless favourite: the most ordered burger in Johannesburg is the Original Spur Burger from the Texahana Spur.

The busiest food delivery restaurant in Johannesburg in 2021 was the San Antonio Spur, while its bustling counterpart in Cape Town is Rocomamas in Rondebosch.

These insights into food delivery habits have been shared by Bolt Food, launched in Cape Town in April 2020, and more recently in Johannesburg.

“Bolt Food brings variety, convenience, and safety to South Africans, who can now trust a single service provider to bring them meals from outlets of their choice in an efficient way,” says James Townsend-Rose, country manager for Bolt Food in South Africa. “Services like Bolt Food have become even more popular in the last months. With many South Africans confined in their homes because of various lockdown levels, or just preferring to eat food from their favourite restaurants, in the comfort of their own home or offices,” he adds.

Food couriers have also welcomed the popularity of food delivery services, as they now have opportunities to earn an income that did not exist before. Drivers that use the Bolt Food platform have been carefully trained in Covid-19 and other safety protocols. This is to ensure that those ordering food through the platform have even greater peace of mind while they’re enjoying their favourite restaurant meal, either at home or the office.

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