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Ode to classic cinema songs

Louise Howett (the lady with a voice like an angel) and Albert Combrink (the pianist with magic fingers) make the perfect duo. Cinema Serenade is an ode to all the classic songs that have featured in the very best movies. (Louise also bluntly tells us that they are all songs that she loves to sing.) It was interesting to see how many songs I thought came from a certain movie, but in actual fact were in so many others.
Ode to classic cinema songs

It was a tantalising journey through the ages, although I only managed to catch up round about the 1990s, but thanks to my mum I had a running commentary of where all the other songs came from. But as she sings you can almost hear everyone in the audience thinking to themselves "oh my word I know that song, but from where?"

Before singing a song Louise gave the audience various bits of information about the movie that the song came from and then continue to woo us with her songs. Afterwards, the audience was asked to tell her from which movie and year the song was. This audience interaction was not only entertaining, but also really got you thinking. (I'm quite sure many audience members suddenly realised they were getting old as well.)

There were songs from Casablanca, Titanic, The Shawshank Redemption, Moulin Rouge and many more. (Those are also a few answers, so if you win a box of Smarties it's my pleasure). I don't want to give away too much as it will spoil it for you.

The show runs until 16 June at the Baxter Theatre and is definitely one to go and watch. Even if it is simply to remember the classic movies that once stole your heart - before special effects and 3D.

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