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The Connected Marketer and the role of AI in marketing

Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography, in conjunction with Boo-Yah, will be hosting two Masterclasses - The Connected Marketer and the Role of AI in marketing. The masterclasses will take place on 6 and 7 August 2018. Seats are limited for these sessions and interested parties should book as soon as possible.
The masterclasses will be presented by Carmen Murray. Carmen has become a household name among business professionals as a result of her inspirational masterclasses. These sessions have reached thousands of people across SA. She has been an inspirational speaker on the conference circuit globally, speaking at more than 100 events in 20 countries to a combined audience of over 21,000 people. Whether a few or thousands of spectators, she brings knowledge that is easy to understand, actionable and entertaining.

Day One:

The Connected Marketer course will include:
1. Building on understanding of individuals
2. Connecting, engaging and influencing individuals
3. Removing barriers to engagement for those individuals
4. Being a service to individuals

Day Two:

The Role of AI in marketing will cover core topics such as:
1. A clear understanding of 10 technologies that make up AI today
2. A review of how machine learning works, how to manage data and technology partners
3. An overview of the areas that are likely to be affected next by AI
4. An understanding of how this will affect your career, the key skills you need to add and the opportunities that AI brings you.

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