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Exclusive! Design Indaba 25-year interview with Ravi Naidoo

In fervent anticipation of Design Indaba 25 taking place this week from 26 to 28 February 2020, Biztakeouts found a window in the diary of CEO and founder Ravi Naidoo to discuss visas and venture capital, policy, projects and lessons learned on Design Indaba's 25-year journey so far.

While our region may not currently always guarantee a supply of electricity, harnessing the energy of creative industries offers a different kind of economic power. In conversation with BizTakeouts host Rutendo Nyamuda, Ravi pays tribute to some local designers with a global reputation, the importance of design policy and the potential of peer-to-peer design solidarity in Africa.

Contrary to the BizTakeouts byte-size format, we leave this episode largely unedited, so you can listen to every moment of the Design Indaba story at your leisure. From 200 people on white plastic chairs in Cape Town’s Mount Nelson ballroom, to this year’s pan-African simulcasts, global digital reach and what’s in the pipeline (literally) for Design Indaba alumni.

Interview highlights: 16 minutes

Full interview: 30 minutes

Listen to the full interview now on a your choice of local and international platforms, including @spotifysa, @applepodcasts,, Bizcommunity or the BizTakeouts App.

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