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Kwikmart app launches to empower and support local food businesses post-Covid-19

An affordable and everyday alternative food and grocery delivery partner

The newly launched Kwikmart app provides a sales platform for local food businesses, whilst serving up consumers more wholesome and healthier choices compared with conventional fast food delivery apps currently on offer.

App-driven convenience is the order of the day, with millennial consumers expecting on-demand delivery at the tap of a button. Kwikmart app showcases merchants to an engaged and hungry audience, and allows customers to order and pay for specialty food and grocery items for delivery in under an hour.

Kwikmart distinguishes itself in the online food delivery segment by inviting often overlooked retailers such as corner shops, butchers, bakers, delicatessens and home chefs to their platform. The company expresses: “Kwikmart app is the everyday choice: We do fast delivery, not fast food.”

The new normal is here to stay, accelerated uptake of platform-to-consumer apps

As stated by Statista, the online food delivery segment in South Africa was projected to reach R1,4bn in 2020 and, based on current growth, the number of platform-to-consumer delivery app users is anticipated to reach 9,6 million by 2024.

Kwikmart is also well-positioned as an affordable alternative and provides merchants with a sustainable business offering, with no set-up costs or initiation fees, and commission rates starting from 10.5% (as opposed to the up to 30% commissions associated with other food delivery platforms, making them unaffordable for many retailers).

Notably, Kwikmart offers merchants a fully-managed tech suite; it’s not just an online menu but a seamless end-to-end ordering and delivery solution. Merchants can choose to make use of Kwikmart’s freelance delivery agent network, employ their own drivers or even opt to offer their customers free delivery.

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Kwikmart app is available for download on both the Google Play and Apple App stores.

Kwikmart app launches to empower and support local food businesses post-Covid-19

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Kwikmart is here to help you support your local neighbourhood and challenge the efficiency of the food delivery industry, while helping the sellers reach more customers and freelance delivery agents earn on the move.

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