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TGI officially launched in South Africa

TGI, (Target Group Index) a single source database that provides information about brand usage, media consumption, activities, lifestyles, attitudes and opinions, first launched in the UK in 1969, and recognised as one of the foremost strategic and brand planning tools in 49 countries around the world, is now available in South Africa.

Tim Bester and Barbara Cooke have been active for over two years to achieve this important milestone, and have proudly announced that the South African TGI, the 49th worldwide, is the first to be launched in Africa.

TGI launches with a blue chip client base, including 15 of the top 100 advertisers in South Africa, the cream of the media owners and the most innovative and forward thinking advertising and media buying agencies.

"The industry has embraced the survey with great enthusiasm and we are confident of our ability to provide a meaningful contribution in providing vital information to them," says Bester.

The first wave of fieldwork, conducted by Millward Brown Impact, is underway and will comprise 7,500 interviews between June and November 2003. The first data release is planned for February 2004. "Our founder clients will have access to this data for purposes of training and application. Thereafter data will be based on a sample of 15,000 per annum, with two data releases per year." says Cooke.

The introduction of TGI in South Africa confirms South Africa's global importance - global clients will now have South African data as part of their global TGI database and South African companies will be able to access TGI globally.

The information allows companies to understand more about how their products and, most importantly, how their brands are used, what type of person they appeal to, how much a typical family uses and where they are purchased. It also asks information about leisure activities and provides information about peoples' use of the media. This is invaluable for manufacturers, service providers and media owners which, when put together with other data, enables them to make informed decisions about the marketing and advertising of their brands. It also enables advertising agencies to develop relevant and informative campaigns for these brands.

TGI is a division of BMRB International (British Market Research Bureau). The company is a leading market research agency in Great Britain where it has been in existence for nearly 70 years. The company has a wide and varied interest in research and includes Kantar Media Research, Millward Brown and Research International among others. Ultimately these companies are part of the WPP Group, the world's leading communications group.

"Our South African fieldwork partners, Millward Brown Impact, are also part of the wider BMRB family of companies, and the quality of the research produced by them both here as well as internationally is widely acclaimed. It is one of the main reasons why MBI was chosen to do the fieldwork for TGI in South Africa," adds Cooke. Other strategic partners are The Knowledge Factory who has developed a unique sampling methodology for TGI which in itself represents a breakthrough in sample and field control, and Markanal who are responsible for the data scanning and the liaison with our TGI partners in India who will handle the data processing.

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