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The difficulty of insuring a drone in South Africa

Your drone probably cost quite a bit of money and you want to insure it. But, insurers are making it impossible for you to do so. Why?
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A couple of years ago, the OppiKoppi festival started tinkering with the idea of beer delivery by drone. What a time to be alive. Today, the advancements and innovation in technology have allowed companies such as Amazon to utilize drones in a number of new and exciting ways.

It’s not just the run-of-the-mill retail delivery service anymore. You don’t even need a viable address. Only the location sent via your smartphone. Sure, a drone delivering that DVD boxset you ordered might crash into your house and catch fire, but in most cases it’s a risk worth taking.

Think of all the good that the technology could do. In the event of an emergency, in hard-to-access locations, etc.

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In Rwanda, for example, drones can circumvent all the rough terrain to deliver blood samples to hospitals.

South Africa is slowly beginning to embrace this technology. Drone enthusiasts, though, still face a number of problems. Depending on whether you’d like to get one for commercial or personal purposes, you may have to acquire a couple of licenses first. And then, of course, this kind of high-tech gadgetry can come at a hefty price.

Somewhere in the world, right now, there’s a drone on autopilot. The owner will never see it again.

Expensive machines are worth insuring, but it gets a little tricky.

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