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Amazon to open first cashierless shop to public on Monday

SAN FRANCISCO, US - Online giant Amazon on Monday plans to open a convenience store in Seattle where hungry customers will be able to grab sandwiches and go, without having to wait in line or use a checkout.
The American group unveiled the concept for its cashierless "Amazon Go" shop just over a year ago, saying the 1,800 square feet (170 square meters) store would initially offer grocery products to its own employees before being opened to the public.

Early testing however revealed bugs, leading to a delay.

In a message Sunday on its website, Amazon said it had created "the world's most advanced shopping technology so you never have to wait in line".

But if the rollout has taken some time, it's now ready to Go.

Amazon testing cashier-free retail store

SAN FRANCISCO - Amazon on Monday unveiled a new kind of retail store, with no cashiers...

6 Dec 2016

People armed with the app are able to pick up items as they roam the store and place them directly in their bags - without the need for shopping carts or baskets.

Instead, items are automatically added onto a customer's online account when they're removed from a shelf, or taken off if the item is put back.

The system relies on a mix of cameras, sensors and artificial intelligence, according to Amazon.

Source: AFP
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