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3 pillars to unlock the secrets to PR success

The effectiveness of a PR campaign is about understanding if your PR is yielding results, through metrics, brand sentiment, and watching competitor activities.
Media monitoring company Novus Group gives three of the pillars for measuring for PR success.
Media monitoring company Novus Group gives three of the pillars for measuring for PR success.

Of course, before any organisation or agency can measure the success of a campaign, it is critical to define what the objectives are. Only by clearly defining what needs to be achieved can measurement be truly effective.

Media monitoring company Novus Group gives three of the pillars for measuring PR success.

3 pillars for measuring PR success

For brands and PR professionals aiming to transform their PR campaigns from mere activities to strategic assets, understanding these metrics is paramount. Every channel offers unique insights, and in extracting insights from complex data. "In today's ever-evolving PR landscape, data is the compass,” says Joe Hamman, director at Novus Group.

  1. Metrics - Your direct line to PR efficacy
    • Website traffic: Gauge the success of your campaign by analysing the traffic directed to your site or landing page. Tools such as Google’s GA4 can help monitor specific events that point toward PR's impact.
    • Engagement rates: Monitor likes, shares, and comments on campaign-related social media posts. For instance, average engagement rates on platforms like LinkedIn hover around 2%, while TikTok may see a significantly higher rate. A recent Novus blog examines the importance of social media monitoring at a time when almost 5 billion people worldwide actively use these platforms.
    • Media coverage: Evaluate how often your brand is featured across media. Transition from AVE (Advertising Value Equivalency) to a more comprehensive PR Value approach.
    • ROI: At the end of the day, measure if your PR campaign is translating into profits.

  2. Brand sentiment - The heartbeat of your brand image
    • Customer feedback: Use reviews and testimonials to gauge perceptions about your brand.
    • Social listening: Tools like Novus's platform can monitor social media mentions, giving brands insights into public sentiment.
    • Influencer opinions: Watch what key opinion leaders in your industry opine about you. It can significantly shift brand perception. Track these sentiments before and after your PR campaigns. See how primary descriptors or sentiments around your brand have evolved.

    Competitor analysis - Understanding your place in the market

    • Share of voice: Compare your brand mentions versus competitors. A larger share often indicates effective PR work.
    • Competitor campaigns: Understand and adapt based on competitors' PR strategies.

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