'Win and spin' game show launches ‘One Pot for Everyone' campaign

A giant spinning pot game show marked the launch of the Rajah 'One Pot for Everyone Campaign'. The consumer engagement activity, built by Mbongiworks, is designed to introduce the Rajah Flavourful and Mild flavour with a fun activity that entertains and rewards.
'Win and spin' game show launches ‘One Pot for Everyone' campaign

“Our unique game show is genuinely entertaining and impactful and about as far away from the ‘formulaic’ gig-rig as you can get,” says Mbongiworks co-founder Rob Muirhead.

“Not only do we land the ‘One Pot for Everyone’ idea at a glance, but the game show literally revolves around a giant pot which rotates automatically with a lid that lifts hydraulically releasing the signature Rajah ‘smoke swirl’. Our game show allows purchasers of Rajah to attempt to fish prizes (dressed as Rajah Shisebo ingredients) out of the pot with a giant wooden spoon. Audience members who play the game are hilariously costumed to represent Gogo, Mum, Dad and child, so the education is a fully immersive experience."

With a Rajah Shisebo to sample, a song produced by a hit music producer that gets everyone in the family singing along and engaging activities, the One Pot for Everyone Game Show will be visiting top township malls around South Africa over the next few months.

“We support the activation with in-store sampling at shelf and live reads on African language radio stations, making this an integrated campaign,” adds head of strategy at Mbongiwoks Pranya Naidoo.

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