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Heineken South Africa celebrates their women in brewing #WomenInBeer - Part 2

Heineken South Africa is proud of the company's diversity and inclusion policies and especially the large number of talented women in beer, who make their mark on some of South Africa's favourite brands. Let's meet some of Heineken South Africa's leading ladies.
Tebogo Patricia Mabele
Tebogo Patricia Mabele

Tebogo Patricia Mabele is a brewing fermentation operator At Heineken South Africa, or as she explains it: “Basically I am a yeast manager. I make sure we have enough, good quality, viable and healthy yeast to begin brewing. I am responsible for all cellar operations from wort cooling to activities including yeast management, dry hopping, pH readings, gravity readings, centrifuge operation, for example.”

She tells is that she loves her work and says: “What I love about my work is my department, being part of team that always aims to drive quality products and improvements by working together through collaboration. We all support each other and work together by cooperation and shared goals that revolves around meeting business needs.”

She adds: “I also love the fact that I am responsible for the most critical ingredient in beer: yeast. Without yeast you do not have alcohol, making it the most vital part in the whole brewing process. I have acquired a lot of knowledge on yeast handling, behaviour, and its metabolism. Knowing that yeast also contributes to the flavour, taste and overall quality of our products makes me proud and pushes me to always ensure I am on my A-game. I also love the fact that I am involved with both the brewhouse and filtration processes meaning I get to oversee the whole process of the wort transforming into matured beer. I monitor the whole fermentation process from adding yeast to the wort to the beer being ready for filtration and packaging. All the hard work I put in gives me the greatest joy when I see our consumers enjoying our brand.”

Tebogo has a few tips for climbing the career ladder in brewing which include “Love what you do". She also recommends that you make a point to put more effort and understanding in your work. This ambitious lady also believes: “You must always aim to improve with hard work and dedication as the driving force. Continue leading by example and remember why you are there. Understand your process area, customers and business needs. Aim to grow with every experience and celebrate success. Always be willing to lend a helping hand.”

She believes that a lot of women are now comfortable with drinking beer: “In the past, beer was considered a masculine drink, however that stigma has since faded and women can now enjoy a nice cold beer without feeling bad or guilty about it. The brands and media also played a role because now we have adverts showing women drinking beer and having a good time.”

Her favourite beer is Heineken, because: “It is with nothing less than pure malt, water, hops and quality yeast plus its fruity flavour.”

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