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Bos Brands launches its first product with Rainforest Alliance seal

Bos Brands, the makers of organic Rooibos-based products, has launched Bospresso, a Rooibos espresso that bears the Rainforest Alliance seal. This is the first Bos product boasting Rainforest Alliance certification, with the company's other 'hot tea' products to follow suit.
Source: Supplied
Source: Supplied

Bospresso is made with fine cut, organic rooibos and is naturally sweet, with notes of honey. Packaged in a 750g bag, the product is already available to the foodservice industry with a growing list of restaurants and coffee shops serving Bospresso rooibos cappuccinos. The new beverage product is also available through Bos Brands' recently revamped online store.

Sustainable farming practices

Commenting on the company’s Rainforest Alliance certification for its hot tea products, Will Battersby, CEO of Bos Brands, said, "Bos aims to uplift communities and the environment. We buy all of our organic rooibos from Klipopmekaar Rooibos Farm in the Cederberg who are transforming agriculture through biodiversity preservation and organic farming methods.

"By adding the Rainforest Alliance Certification, it signals a further step toward better farming practices, fighting against the climate crisis, conserving our forests and protecting the human rights of farmers and workers.”

Source: Supplied
Source: Supplied

The frog in the Rainforest Alliance seal is the perfect symbol of the mission of the Rainforest Alliance, an international NGO seeking to make responsible business the new normal. As an indicator species, the presence of the frog is a positive sign that the natural ecosystem is balanced and thriving.

The Rainforest Alliance seal indicates that not only the planet, but people are being cared for, that farms are better and safer places to work and that human rights are respected. Land, water and energy are used carefully and Rainforest Alliance farming methods result in better quality crops and higher yields, with lower costs, increasing profits.

Marla Naidoo, director, Southern Africa, Rainforest Alliance, says: “It is always a proud moment to have local brands join the Alliance. More so, we are incredibly excited that Bos will be the first Rooibos brand to market the product locally and globally from farm to shelf bearing the new Rainforest Alliance seal. This is a sign of commitment from Bos, aligning with the values of the Rainforest Alliance by investing in more sustainable sourcing of products that protect nature and respect people.”

Richard Bowsher, co-founder of Bos and owner of Klipopmekaar Rooibos Farm, says: “Brands such as Bos and indeed all companies should be looking to build more ethical and sustainable supply chains. The future of our planet and its inhabitants is in our hands. Enlightened consumers look for ethical and sustainable certification of products they consume. With the Rainforest Alliance Certification, Bos is doing the right thing and building its business simultaneously.”

Global appeal of Rooibos

Battersby says that the introduction of Bospresso to the company's stable reflects the high level of interest from consumers in drinking premium Rooibos products.

“Rooibos continues to grow in popularity both in South Africa and abroad as a healthy, caffeine-free beverage. With the recent inclusion of Rooibos in the European Union register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications, its status as a uniquely South African product is being recognised internationally.”

The RRP of the 750g Bospresso is R269,99.

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