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Rhodes Quality reveals 'Rooted in Goodness' packaging refresh

South African food brand Rhodes Quality has repackaged its full range to showcase a new look that visually brings to life its updated 'Rooted in Goodness' brand positioning. The new packaging was rolled out in May 2021.

Rhodes Quality reveals 'Rooted in Goodness' packaging refresh

Rhodes Quality is owned by one of South Africa’s largest canned food companies, RFG, which has been producing canned foods for over 125 years, servicing customers throughout South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and in major global markets.

“The new packaging updates are aimed at strengthening consumer sentiment towards the brand by addressing their needs for wholesome meal solutions while maintaining quality and convenience codes, which Rhodes Quality is known for and associated with,” explains Maria Soares, head of marketing at RFG.

Tamara Patel, brand manager for Rhodes Quality, adds, “We wanted our packaging to showcase the fruit and veg products that are packed into every can. The rebrand of the products aims to reflect a look that depicts the sealed-in goodness of our products, bringing our quality promise to life – all the quality, convenience and taste across our range of food products, from canned fruit, veg and legumes, to jams, juice and pickled salads.”

Design strategy

To illustrate this, Patel says that the pack refresh consists of a shift in logo colour towards a more natural and vibrant green, a modernised font and an evolution to a fresh, 3D logo. “The on-pack photography highlights the quality ingredients we use in our products while driving the connection to source, and makes use of clever food styling which cues visuals of ‘freshly prepared’ food aimed at demonstrating the appetite appeal of our range.”

RFG looked to Startle, its packaging design agency of 16 years, to develop a concept for the whole range based on the company's research insights.

“The task was vast, but Startle worked across the categories that we operate in, from fruit to tomatoes, veg, beans and legumes, jams, juice and salad pickles, and found a solution that would tie our brand together across the range, and create distinction and appetite appeal on shelf,” said Patel.

Sharon Rushton, creative director and co-owner of Startle, comments, “We were tasked with bringing to life the Rhodes Quality ‘Rooted in Goodness’ new brand positioning with a full packaging review and re-design. The objective was to have a stronger shelf stand out.

"The savvy home-maker is more discerning than ever before when it comes to wholesome goodness and healthy food choices for her family. They are looking for cues in food packaging that point to goodness and a connection to natural and fresh. By developing a simple visual segmentation of the product categories, the Rhodes Quality offerings are easily identifiable on the shelf.”

To launch the new packaging and the start of the winter comfort food season, Rhodes Quality is launching the campaign via digital, social media, radio and print media as well as a competition in which consumers stand a chance to win R150,000 in prizes.

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